As we enter another political positioning season, folks have declared intentions and more are vacillating. This time, many voters have vowed to vet candidates more carefully. Governor Rick Scott provided motivation for that resolve.

Regardless of what candidate surfaces as the new hope of Florida in 2018, what promises are made and what new plans will make lives for Floridians great, we think the stage has been set for the next Governor to be the most popular leader in history.

With that said, it’s highly unlikely that any of the candidates running for Florida Governor will get beyond the first bullet point.

To pull this off, it’s going to take someone unique in many ways. Someone current on Florida politics and savvy enough to travel the tough long roads of a campaign. Wealth can be helpful, but typically, wealth has baggage. We’re looking for someone with very little or no baggage.

If we could find someone that has done well financially over the years, has no political or other alliances with anyone, no special interest obligations, owes no one nothing but many owe them. Someone who takes on issues after they are thoroughly understood. Someone everyone loves to listen to, funny, etc, etc.

Folks like that don’t show up much around Florida. Or anywhere. But if someone did, and could get through the 11 points below, their political future could soar.

Points which will assist in establishing the infrastructure for their platform:

  • Resolve to survive on the $130,000. a Governor earns. Don’t decline the compensation like Rick Scott did. “That’s not important to me,” Scott said in a July 2010 radio interview in Jacksonville. “I’m really not doing it for the salary.” Now that Scott is nearing the end of his second term, the whole state knows what he was doing it for.
  • Distance yourself from campaign contributions.
  • End contributions from big sugar, big utilities, big pharma, etc. Big sugar could re-direct would be contributions into a fund addressing the Everglades.
  • Remove special interest attachments. Politicians could only sponsor bills that was documented to have no special attachments.
  • Owe nothing to no one. If you have embraced the first four, this one will set you free.
  • Pledge to fully legalize cannabis and relinquish control/regulation to the cannabis industry. Any candidate with the courage to see this through in Florida could be the next President.
  • Discard any agenda of increasing personal wealth while in office. Make your agenda pure. To get Florida back.
  • Remove any conflict of interest situations among political representatives of the state.
  • Vow to fix everything Rick Scott broke. Likely impossible in two terms. Some things can’t be fixed.
  • Remove the whole concept of private prisons.
  • Do everything every day with complete honesty, integrity, and loyalty to the constituents and yourself.

We could continue with the list but you get the point.

When it comes to cannabis, we’ve already written that part of the inauguration speech. Any candidate with the courage to deliver the message would win in a landslide.

Effective Inauguration Day, by Executive Order, Cannabis Will be Legal Everywhere in Florida.

New Governor says, “The state has more important issues than chasing cannabis offenders.”

A headline such as this will get everyone’s attention. (A bit of satire to close this piece.)

Today, the new Governor elect, announced that effective upon inauguration in three weeks, there will be an executive order issued to essentially repeal Amendment 2 and replace it with regulations and guidelines written by the cannabis industry. “What you can and can’t do will be determined by your industry leaders.” The Governor elect said. “The cannabis industry in Florida will become self-regulated. It’s going to be like growing vegetables.  Anything you do with it is OK.  If you grow for profit, you’ll have to pay taxes like any business. And you can’t take it out of the state.” The Governor is excited about the implications. “I’m excited to see what the cannabis industry looks like in 5-10 years. I think you will see how an industry as massive as the cannabis industry can thrive by allowing self-regulation. All things considered, the state will earn billions in tax revenue. We are restructuring manpower now that we have removed the DCE program. We’ll leave the regulation to those who know what’s best in that regard.” The Governor said if you have a problem, work it out within the industry. “That’s part of self-governing.”

There will be no distinction between medical and recreational.  Florida will take the position that All cannabis use is medicinal. This administration will call it cannabis. The special processes required for specific medical needs will be the responsibility of industry experts and free enterprise. There will be a liaison between the state and the cannabis industry who will be selected by their peers.

We may be reminded of what Ray Rodriguez warned us about while wrestling with regulating Amendment 2, HB1397. “If there’s a robust regulatory scheme, the federal government will not put their resources into enforcing federal law,” Rodrigues said.

Mr. Rodriguez had his moments of glory during the legislative session. The era of Rodriguez and Sembler are over. Billionaires will no longer have excessive influence over Florida’s legislation. State politicians will no longer put forth personal comments, assumptions or undocumented facts to further their agendas. The Governor speaks with conviction.

“Steps will be taken immediately to remove all agents related in any way to the War on Drugs from their assigned responsibility. The Domestic Cannabis Eradication program is no longer in Florida law enforcement. The Commissioner of Agriculture will focus on agriculture and finally, we will address the Everglades.”

Asked about Big Sugar, the Governor interrupted the question. “You know what I told you in the campaign. We’re going to do the right thing. We’re not sure what the plan will look like yet, but be assured there is no one influencing the decisions that will be made except the citizens of Florida.”

“There will be no impact study that will cost billions and take years. It is clear what we must do. Essentially, the agents will get their things and get out! A moderate severance package will be set up and funded by the final budget of billions that was allocated to law enforcement.”

Some people say drastic pledges like this will explode the unemployment situation and turn our economy south. The Governor says all the agents and others who have been dependent on the drug war will survive. “Now, they will have to find a new spot in a new economy. The days of mass raids, confiscations and destroying lives is over.”  And for those who think Florida will be ruined now that the cannabis war is over and everything is legal with no regulations, relax. It will be fine. Better than ever.

Speaking at a luncheon today, the Governor spoke candidly with the 75 folks  present. “Isn’t this something? The changes that I am proposing for Florida are the boldest in history. Believe me, there are a lot of big fish out there that are mad. That’s OK. We can move this state forward in a new and exciting direction, or remain mired in everything as we are today.”

Imagine Florida.” He said.  “Imagine how great this state could be once all the bad is removed. It was created by man, man can tear it down, change and rebuild the right way. Imagine the Everglades with delicious pompano, 3’ long snook and sea trout longer than 30” swimming through the seagrass flats again. Our state needs this.”

Everyone that is incarcerated for committing a marijuana crime will be released. Growing, selling and buying cannabis will no longer place you in prison or place a felony on your criminal record. All contractual agreements between the state and for-profit prisons within our state will be cancelled. Existing marijuana offenses will be expunged. “This marks another end of a shameful past in the state of Florida. I am honored to be the Governor who ends this. My deepest apologies to all the lives our past legislatures have affected.”

A spokesman for the Governor told us  free enterprise environment will flourish and the cannabis industry in Florida will explode. Any contractual agreements between cannabis nurseries or other entities and the state of Florida will be cancelled, they said.

“Billions of dollars from cannabis tax revenues will be used to fix our state.” The spokesman stated. “Fees for business licenses and permits will be no different than any other business enterprise. The leadership within the industry will be responsible for governing and guiding in the future of cannabis in Florida.” The Office of Medical Cannabis Use will be dissolved.






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