Wouldn’t it be great if Florida could proudly say the entirety of the regulations for Amendment 2 were inspired by and written for the patients? If the Governor could announce that Patients will finally be able to have easy and safe access to healing relief?

To the contrary, we have not heard from Governor Rick Scott. He will never be in the position to do that. That opportunity no longer remains. Mr. Scott is nearing the end of his final term as Governor.


Corrupt Politician and Political Agenda….Doesn’t care about the people of Florida but would rather line his pockets- RICK SCOTT FOR PRISON!”

The 2017 Florida Legislative session was unable to establish regulations for Amendment 2. Mr. Scott remained silent. Regarding the controversial placement of Christian Bax as head of OCU, nothing. Regarding Scott’s relationship with James Bax, Christians father and owner of Bax Enterprises, an online retailer of “legal cannabis CBD” oils and vaporizer pens, nothing.


“It is the right thing to do. We, the people are the rightful masters.”

Our Governor has never embraced medical cannabis. He stood against it until the point when he was in jeopardy of losing the election to former Governor Charlie Crist.

January-2014…”I have a great deal of empathy for people battling difficult diseases and I understand arguments in favor of this initiative. But, having seen the terrible effects of alcohol and drug abuse first-hand, I cannot endorse sending Florida down this path and I would personally vote against it.”…Governor Rick Scott


I’m tired of Rick Scott making selfish and horrible decisions for us all. Our environment can’t handle any more of the greed. You are supposed to be doing the very best for the PEOPLE of Florida. Not yourself. His behavior is inexcusable. 

June-2014…As a father and grandfather, you never want to see kids suffer. I am proud to stand today with families who deserve the ability to provide their children with the best treatment available.” …Governor Rick Scott

Scott used the compassion for children card to explain his switch in position. It was a close race and he needed a push to secure the victory. During his first term, Scott passed the nation’s harshest marijuana laws, and enacted the country’s strictest penalties against non-violent offenders.

His campaign spent $100 million, making it the most expensive governor’s race in Florida history.

People of the State of Florida v. Rick Scott

Rick Scott has established a precedent of allowed corruption, collusion, conflict of interest and more, within the political structure of Florida. There are many reasons to remove Scott. Amendment 2 debacle is the latest. Read the petition on Change.com. listing violations of Rick Scott in their entirety. 167 signatures are needed to reach the objective of 7,500.

  • Florida leads the nation in political and economic inequality.
  • The Governor has ignored the state and federal constitutions to use his public office to further his private agenda at the cost of the public trust.
  • Rick Scott has wrongfully tried to drug test state employees using his executive influence to increase profits for his wife’s pharmacy company.
  • His offenses are not limited to his $1.7 billion in Medicare-Columbia/HCA fraud which he and Associates embezzled from our sick elders and American taxpayers.
  • Rick Scott has moreover filed false financial statements for election(s).
  • Rick Scott has made the marijuana industry a state monopoly.
  • Rick Scott’s policies have put unprecedented numbers of Floridians in private jails and prisons.
  • Rick Scott and his Associates have demonstrated a pattern of criminal negligence in which he has delayed or refused requests.
  • Rick Scott and his Appointees have engaged in private profit driven education malpractice and negligence.
  • At least 21 high ranking Rick Scott Appointees have resigned, been arrested, or charged with fraud.

Conclusion: The evidently unconstitutional, unlawfully corrupt, unethical, and criminally and civilly punishable pattern of practices by Rick Scott and Associates demands immediate federal investigation and prosecution. We the People beseech the United States Justice Department to investigate and indict corrupt racketeering, constitutional violations, and statewide destruction of the natural environment.

We have spoken about the importance of removing elected politicians in their next election if they have not supported the Patients call for appropriate implementation of Amendment 2. Rick Scott is serving his final term. Perhaps we could send a message to the remaining Scott appointees, Florida Senators, State Representatives and other politicians. This blatant attempt to deliver a medical marijuana program to the state of Florida that is not what the people asked for, is unacceptable. And unconstitutional.

The foundation and infrastructure must be about the patients.

It is time for Florida Government to move forward on Amendment 2 in a fashion that the Patients find acceptable. It’s not that difficult. If Amendment 2 is truly about providing healing relief to millions of Patients, then the DOH, or Special Session if it is called, need to ask these questions before guidelines are written.

  • Does this regulation make sense to the Patient?
  • Is the regulation written with the best interest of the patient in mind?
  • Will this process provide easy access of medical cannabis to registered patients?
  • Does a limited number of treatment centers make sense to the patients?
  • Will patients benefit only if they have the approved health conditions?
  • Will a 90 day wait period with doctor benefit the patient?
  • Are the proposed fees for license and registration fair and reasonable?
  • Will the patient benefit by allowing caregivers to assist only one patient at a time?
  • Will patients benefit by disallowing caregivers because of a past cannabis related conviction?
  • Will the patient benefit from disallowing the flower of the cannabis plant for consumption?

If each regulation would seriously be written for the patient, things would progress smoothly. And every one of the millions of patients throughout the state would be grateful.

Why wouldn’t the political structure of Florida celebrate in unison for a tremendous victory for the patients. That is what is expected of them. To implement the laws as they are written. No one is asking for anything that wasn’t written in the language of Amendment 2.  Every politician that stood on the side of the patient would fare better.

Getting serious about a bill designed with the patient in mind from beginning to end is the only way. The foundation and infrastructure must be about the patients.

The process which has brought Amendment 2 to this point is one that I cannot imagine. There must be untold numbers of stories of strife and challenges. Lives changed along the way but the people remained focused. Every law was followed and the persistent forward movement by the people continued and brought it to this point. It has been an amazing journey.

Christian Bax

Now, writing regulations for Amendment 2 appears to be in the hands of the Department of Health. It would be wonderful to see Christian Bax make the right decision on this. However, based on his short history, that is unlikely. Then, the next chapter will be lengthy court challenges. Governor Scott staffed the DOH and placed Christian Bax in his position. Remember, Christian’s father James is old friends with Scott. And the evidence strongly suggests they are in it for the money.

Before determining how regulations for Amendment 2 will read Mr. Bax, ask yourself this question. Will this benefit the patients? Because Amendment 2 is about the future patients first.


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