The National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) refers to medical marijuana as an “alternative form of treatment to cure or alleviate symptoms of illnesses and other conditions.” They highly stress the importance of using it as an alternative since the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize the cannabis plant as a medicine. While the consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes could be seen as an illegal and unlawful act, the use of cannabis as a therapeutic and as a remedial treatment is now being acknowledged by several states as a natural, non-synthetic remedy. Because of strict regulations and government restrictions, the study and use of cannabis as a medicine initially experienced unwarranted limitations to the point where it made hard for professionals to explore its beneficial properties.

Nowadays, medical marijuana has seen a substantial increase in the number of possible applications in the medical field thanks to the continuous efforts of people who see the advantages of using cannabis as an organic panacea. Cannabis is known for having two predominant cannabinoids — THC and CBD. The former, known for its psychoactive and extramundane inducing properties and the latter, for its curative attributes. Although cannabis has a history of being a medicinal plant, the addictive and psychoactive effects of marijuana outweigh its unique healing attributes. Currently, there are 30 medical marijuana legal states and 9 recreational marijuana legal states that recognize and accept marijuana as a form of treatment. While we can all agree that cannabis could use more studies and clinical trials, the number of states who began acknowledging its medical application only shows how we can all benefit from this exceptional plant.

Medical marijuana can be administered to patients in many ways, the most common and probably the most effective means of cannabinoid ingestion is through smoking medical marijuana since it directly shoots the natural compounds straight into one’s bloodstreams. While it’s seen as one of fastest ways to deliver medical marijuana to one’s system, smoking is still being shunned upon as the ideal method of medical marijuana consumption since inhaling combusted materials can cause other health concerns like lung irritations and long-term respiratory damage. That’s why vaporizers are now widely considered by many cannabis users (both recreational and medical consumers) as one of the best ways to consume medical marijuana.


Unlike smoking, vaporizers allow you to inhale cannabis without getting to the point of combustion. They’re normally powered by electricity which can either be achieved by plugging one into your wall socket or by using rechargeable batteries. They also come in many shapes and sizes though the most commonly used varieties are the portable ones like vape pens. They’re cheaper, easier to carry and they can be operated without difficulty which makes for an ideal device for medical marijuana use. Medicating patients are oftentimes in need of immediate relief and a device that requires one to take long hours of preparation isn’t exactly what a medicating patient is looking for.

While some vaporizers are made for recreational marijuana use, some are specifically designed and engineered for the application of medical marijuana.  Here’s a list of some of the best vape pens for medical marijuana use.

1. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

This vape pen from Las Vegas-based vaporizer manufacturer Dr. Dabber is considered as one of the best wax pen vaporizers for both recreational and medical use. It’s so good that it’s won numerous awards from the highly acclaimed High Times Magazine Awards. The Aurora managed to take home 5 wins which we’ve listed below.

• Dr. Dabber Aurora + Ghost – “Best Packaging/Kit” – High Times Magazine 2016

• Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Innovation” – High Times Magazine 2016

• Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Stealth” – High Times Magazine 2016

• Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Taste” – High Times Magazine 2016

• Dr. Dabber Aurora – “Best Durability” – High Times Magazine 2016

What makes the Dr. Dabber Aurora good for medical marijuana use is its sleek and stealthy design and its all-magnetic connections. Its low-key design allows you to take your prescriptions discreetly while the all magnetic connections will make reloading a breeze. The Aurora includes a variety of atomizers for your high CBD concentrates, all of which will provide you with clean vapors.

2. The Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus wax pen vaporizer is another award-winning device that can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. The Plus is a unique device which is the product of what the industry has to offer in terms of vape pen design and technology. The folks behind Puffco believes that by changing how vape pens are made one could experience the real benefits of vaping concentrated cannabis. This strong sense of belief in revolutionizing the industry standard is what sets the Puffco Plus apart from other vaporizers in its class. The Plus is made without any glues (which normally holds the traditional wax pen vaporizer in place) and does not use any wicks or any fibers that will react chemically to heat which may create toxic by-products that will negatively affect the user.

The Puffco Plus fits the bill especially for those who want nothing but pure vapors from their favorite medical marijuana materials.

3. The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer

Sometimes you just have to flaunt it ’cause you have it, with this premium vaporizer from KandyPens you can take your cannabis prescriptions in style. The KandyPens Elite takes medical marijuana consumption to a whole new level. This wax pen vaporizer is a celebrity in its own rights, it’s been featured in D.J Khaled’s “I’m the One” music video alongside “Justin Bieber Quavo of Migos, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne.”

The KandyPens Elite isn’t just all about looking good, it’s as practical as it’s stylish and it features four preset temperature profiles which let you customize the heat level of the Elite depending on the type of concentrate you’re using. You’re sure to always get the most out of your medical cannabis prescriptions by simply adjusting the Elite’s temperature level to match the viscosity of your concentrate so you can create the perfect environment for the extraction of cannabinoids from your materials.

4. The AtmosRx Vaporizer

The AtmosRx is made for those who prefer to vaporize dry herbs strains, it’s one of the few vape pens on the market that utilizes convection heating. Unlike conventional vape pens which uses conduction ovens, the AtmosRx uses hot air to vaporize loose-leaf material which eliminates combustion making for a dry herb pen vaporizer that gives you unadulterated vapors allowing you to enjoy medical marijuana in its purest form.

Like most vape pens, the AtmosRx also is easy to carry making it one of the most travel-friendly devices for patients who need a vaporizer that can immediately be used for their medical cannabis prescriptions.

In Closing

Vaporizers have established themselves not only as a healthy substitute to smoking but also as a preferable option for medical marijuana consumers. If you’re a medicating patient and are looking for a viable and a more convenient means of using your cannabis medication, don’t hesitate to try using vaporizers and check out some of the best vape pens for sale today.

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