3 Reasons Organic Marijuana is Better For You

Growing your own medical marijuana can be a great way to know exactly what you are getting and even to save a bit of extra money. Learning how to grow on your own isn’t too difficult with so many guides online these days, and securing the materials you need can be done on a fairly modest budget, whether you are buying new or used. Here, we will examine the idea of organic fertilizer versus those that contain various chemicals and why it is a better fit for your medical marijuana crop.


The first reason you should consider organic fertilizer versus that containing chemicals is safety. Simply put, the chemicals in your fertilizer make their way into your plants. Then, whether you smoke them, cook with them, or use them in some other way, these chemicals make their way into your body. Of the thousands of chemicals used in gardening supplies, very few have ever been tested for human safety. Why, when you are using a drug renowned for its safety and lack of side effects, would you want to add chemicals that could change those very facts? In addition to these safety concerns, chemicals from your fertilizer could make their way into the local water supply if you are growing outdoors, potentially contaminating drinking water and affecting local fish and wildlife.


While you might not think of the fertilizer you choose as impacting the taste of your medical marijuana, the fact of the matter is that it can. In fact, the heavy metals in many inorganic fertilizers can greatly impact the taste of your medical marijuana, giving it a heavy metal taste of its own. Avoid this residual taste by avoiding pesticides that use chemicals and heavy metals and by going organic instead.

Medicinal Properties

When you use inorganic fertilizers, you can alter the medicinal properties of your medical marijuana. Fertilizers that cause your plants to grow too fast will also cause them to produce fewer of the chemicals that help alleviate pain and stimulate the appetite, as well as reducing THC content. Many chemicals can also alter the chemical structure of your plants, in turn altering their medicinal benefits. Because of this, the best thing you can do is to plant your medical marijuana in organic, natural soil and allow it to grow at its own pace, though you can utilize grow lights, pruning and other tricks to help produce higher, faster yields.

At the end of the day, organic is always the better option. Chemical laden fertilizers may promise higher yields or faster growth, but there is always a cost associated with these things. Whether you are concerned about the taste of your medical marijuana or have genuine safety concerns about using chemicals, you will find that organic simply provides a better option. You wouldn’t simply ingest any of the chemicals found in most types of fertilizer, so why would you allow them to be absorbed into the medical marijuana plants that you intend to take into your body?


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