Even the most delicate component of the mature cannabis flower plays a part in healing relief

Enjoying a concentrate that remains loyal in fragrance to the flower it came from is a truly remarkable experience. It is a flavor intense, sensory scintillating, full spectrum experience, you will always remember. The delicate terpenes are a miracle of nature that offer the supreme compliment to THC and other cannabinoids which make each individual cannabis strain so interesting and unique. And for the icing, all this while delivering unbelievable healing relief for just about anything.

Cannabis terpenes are becoming famous.

Cannabis terpenes are aromatic molecules produced in the resin of the plant. Most of the scents and smells associated with plants come from terpenes. But the delicate terpenes contribute much more.

Many of us may be familiar with the word terpenes and relate it to fragrances from flowers, herbs and spices. Regarding cannabis however, the focus has been on THC and cannabinoids.

Everyone knows of the pungent aromas that emit from cannabis and these come from the terpenes. Terpenes provide extensive health benefits as well. Research is quickly discovering the attributes of this latest discovery of the miraculous cannabis plant. Terpenes in cannabis is nothing new. What’s new is the discovery that different terpenes have their own profile and they all have extensive healing properties.

The excitement for patients is that science is learning more about medical applications with cannabis. And since we can now separate the various elements, it is technically possible to formulate a custom recipe for every patient. Once a patient determines what % of THC works best for an application, then the appropriate type of terpenes and additional cannabinoids are added. Cannabis’ bouquet of terpenes plays another important role.


Cannabis plants produce terpenes in the same glands where THC and CBD resides and play a major role when it comes to the unique effects of cannabis.

  • Terpenes are what gives cannabis strains their distinctive flavors. They contribute the aromatic oils that produce a fruity or minty taste, give it an earthy or citrusy aroma or make it smell like diesel fuel.
  • Terpenes serve as a defense against some predators by excreting a pungent aroma and that same aroma can attract the beneficial insects needed for pollination.
  • The same strain doesn’t always produce the same aromatic compounds.
  • About 100 different terpenes have been identified in cannabis.
  • Only a few appear in substantial amounts.
  • Each strain has unique types and combination of terpenes in various concentrations.
  • Depends on numerous factors such as climate, soil and fertilizers and the age of the plant.

Terpenes work synergistically with THC and CBD’s. Some strains may have the exact same levels of THC and CBD, yet their effects can be quite different from each other because of the terpene profile. Researchers are saying it is terpenes that are responsible for a strain’s unique effects.

  • Each strain of cannabis has its own unique blend of terpenes.
  • Each identified terpene in cannabis has its own set of medical properties.
  • Terpenes, THC and cannabinoids combine to create the entourage effects felt in the body and mind.

Terpenoids are created when terpenes are denatured by forces like oxidation.

  • The process of drying and curing your buds will convert many of the terpenes into terpenoids.
  • Any extraction method that involves heating the plant matterwill burn off many terpenes and terpenoids (which evaporate into the air at a lower temperature than THC). 
  • Many concentrates don’t have a strong or distinctive “cannabis” smell or flavor, even though they were derived directly from cannabis buds. It may also partially explain why different types of concentrates have different effects even if they are derived from the same buds.


THC binds to the brain’s receptors causing the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Terpenes can actively affect those brain receptors and how they work in addition to influencing how much THC enters the brain through the blood-brain barrier. Some terps may influence the brain in a way as to relax us while others have the opposite effect, lifting our mood and energy levels.

Terpenes are becoming the focus for connoisseurs who seek a certain flavor profile and to those seeking a better understanding of the role terpenes play. Research has revealed how terpenes directly influence the healing experience of consuming cannabis and how we can customize the recipe according to our needs.

Laboratories are beginning to test strains not just for THC and CBD but also for their terpene content. When we understand what terpenes are present, we know what to expect.

Join Regina from Leafly for an Introduction to Terpenes  Cannabis 101

So, if terpenes are fragile and easily lost through evaporation or excess heat, how can we experience  the pristine taste from the original plant and preserve the medical attributes? In our next piece, we’ll discuss Live Resin.








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