Roger Stone, political operative and ally of President Trump.

Roger Stone: “A Tidal Wave is Coming. Beyond his own personal connection to medical marijuana, Stone says it just makes sense for Trump to either fully support legalizing marijuana or at least get out of the way and allow the individual states to continue experimenting with their own laws.Stone noted that in swing states, Trump narrowly won like Michigan and Pennsylvania, support for medical and recreational marijuana has been rapidly increasing and that cracking down on pot could doom Trump in 2020.

“A tidal wave is coming,” Stone said. “I predict the president will do the right thing.”

Update on Roger Stone’s Gang of Six Could Set Stage for Change in Cannabis Laws

We published this piece on June 23rd. Last week, Mr. Stone spoke at the 2017 Politicon Convention at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Roger Stone announces the formation of the United States Cannabis Coalition

This marks the first time in history a group has organized an effort to directly appeal to the President with cannabis re-scheduling. With the longtime relationship Roger Stone has with President Trump, the cannabis community throughout the nation should be thrilled. Roger Stone knows how to get this done.

Mr. Stone is moving quickly toward the objective of convincing President Trump to remove cannabis from a Schedule 1 classification.

On June 23rd, we did a piece that announced the formation of the United States Cannabis Coalition, which included Florida attorney John Morgan in addition to five others. Roger Stone said the coalition would urge the Trump administration to change the current scheduling of cannabis and request funding which would allow for unbiased research. Jointly, the coalition will encourage President Trump to follow through on campaign promises regarding cannabis and state’s rights.

Florida attorney John Morgan

Last week Stone announced that Florida attorney John Morgan has filed a federal lawsuit asking the government to remove cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.

Forming the U.S. Cannabis Coalition, allows them to officially lobby the government, including Trump, on this issue. Mr. Stone is widely considered to be one of the most successful lobbyists in modern American history, even by his biggest critics.

If efforts are unsuccessful? Stone says that in the event an intervention proves ineffective, “We will build a coalition of liberal democrats and libertarian minded republicans and travel the legislation path for legalizing cannabis. It’s incumbent on us to build a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Libertarian-reminded Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate for the purposes of legalizing cannabis once and for all.”

“Tricky Dick”

“We have the votes. The votes probably exist in the house today for a legalization bill. The votes in the Senate would be tougher but not impossible. This is the next stage of the fire.”

 Side Note…For the record, Mr. Stone has announced his intentions to move forward in the development of a new brand and cannabis strain called, “Tricky Dick.”

“We are legally farming a strain of marijuana in Northern California in Yorba Linda, the hometown of Richard Nixon,” Stone told Jim DeFede, a reporter for CBS in Miami. For story, click on graphic.

Stone quote: “If you’re persistent about an idea and you stick with the promotion of that idea, no matter how long it takes you, you can succeed.”




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