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FloridaMarijuana.net is the longest running and most trusted source for cannabis news in Florida.  The first directory was on Floridamedicalmarijuanatreatmentcenters.com prior to 2014 and the first failed attempt at legal Florida medical marijuana.  While others closed up shop and left, we buckled down and got to work.  Our group of contributors, consultants, content developers and graphic artists are the best in the medical marijuana industry.  Our site breaks more news stories, and talks to more of the influencers and brands in the Florida medical marijuana program than anyone else.  Our podcast show, The Marijuana Solution is the longest running audio podcast in Florida.

Floridamarijuana.net provides the most accurate and up to date information for patients in Florida.  Our list of 15,000 monthly subscribers is growing daily and our social network following of nearly 30k continues to increase rapidly every month.  On our site you can find podcasts, edible recipes, breaking news, product reviews and the latest industry trends.  The information found on our site is exceptionally valuable to consumers and businesses alike.


Florida Cannabis Consulting and Business Services

We offer comprehensive digital marketing and branding services for the Florida medical marijuana industry.  Our Florida cannabis consulting services are sought after by industry executives and cannabis startups from around the world.  Our position as the industry’s digital media leader allows us to collect data and interact with the community on a scale others cannot.


Most Effective Florida Medical Marijuana Advertising and Marketing


According to MJBIZ in the chart below, the most effective forms of advertising and marketing are through the internet and word of mouth.  Word of mouth is primarily on social media today.  This means over 80% of the most effective forms of advertising is through the internet.  It’s important to have a consistent message and get quality traffic.  Florida Marijuana’s traffic is the best in the industry.  Over 90% of our traffic is from Florida with the majority of that being cannabis patients and consumers.



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