This Time Ann Coulter Insults Cannabis & Immigrant Busboys…

Ana Kasparian
Ann Coulter

Last week in Pasadena, California, Politicon, held it’s 2017 convention. During a political discussion panel in which Ann Coulter, social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer, was debating Ana Kasparian of, The Young Turks. The moderator asked Coulter if marijuana should be legal.

“Marijuana makes people retarded.” She said. “Especially when they’re young. We’ve got enough bus boys. We’re bringing in bus boys by the millions through our immigration policy. We do not need a country of bus boys. We’re destroying the country.”

Makes you smile, doesn’t it? At 55, Ms. Coulter may be losing her edge. I’m assuming Coulter was trying to be amusing in her response. It didn’t work out. At any rate, we’ll let you do what you will with it. But, we’re going to give it an award.


  “Most Puzzling Quote of the Week”            

Follow the link to read the full story in the Cannabist.

Ann Coulter: “Marijuana use is “destroying the country.”


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  1. Clayton McCann

    Why does this neocon hack feel it appropriate to dress like a sex worker? Is her message so unpalatable? Sure, we’re looking at her legs, but what. The. Fuck. Is she even talking about? So she’s classist, racist, and has a hate-on for restaurant workers… why would teh fools at Politicon even invite her? Did she get a check? Was she throwing down for Jeff Sessions?

    Hey, it’s not like I care. Coulter could say the sky is blue and it would sound like a lie.

    1. BigDaddyK

      Your comment makes me smile Clayton. I have no answers but sure many readers are wondering the same thing. Thanks for commenting. BDK