Monday morning more Florida medical marijuana history will be made.  Michael Minardi, the patients champ, is back at it again delivering truth to power via the medical necessity defense. This time Michael will be representing a caregiver in a first of its kind landmark case. To learn more about Michael Minardi and the medical necessity defense caselaw he pioneered in Florida, see these two articles.

The week of 4/20 just a little bit north of Manatee county where the prosecutors dismissed the case against Bob Jordan, recognizing a caregivers right to cultivate for the necessity of their loved one, a caregiver will be prosecuted by Hillsborough County.

Mrs. Loynez came to Florida to see her mother suffering and deteriorating as a result of her mother’s illness. Her mother was dying without much hope for a recovery until she began using medical marijuana under her daughters care.  Mrs. Loynez and her mother are determined to stop the pain caused by her illness and hemorrhaging caused by the medication.  So far, like many medical necessity cases before, the only thing keeping her mother from continuing to deteriorate from her condition and medications is medical cannabis.  The state is seeking to prevent her from arguing the medical necessity defense and caring for her mother.

TThe case proceeds to trial on April 16, 2018, in Hillsborough county court at 9:00 a.m in Tampa Florida. Mrs. Loynez was doing what she knew would ease her mothers suffering, please show up dressed appropriately and support Mrs. Loynez’s battle against the tyranny against this plant and all of us.


Florida Marijuana will continue to keep you updated about the proceedings in the case.

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