Click the image above to go to Mr. Morgans Twitter feed. Read the full article that Florida Politics published about the tweets here.

John Morgan sent out some tweets indicating he is going to fund cannabis legalization in Florida. There is only one group well positioned enough to get the required number of signatures for a petition to reach the ballot and that is Regulate Florida. Just recently Regulate Florida launched the new signup form for the petition sorting of tens of thousands of petitions that ha s been signed and turned in. The sorting will bring the group much closer to Supreme Court review. Sorting will take place in Ft Lauderdale and Tampa, on July 7-7-18. Food and drinks will be provided by Florida Marijuana and Sunshine Cannabis. If you want to help please go to Make sure to signup on Regulate Florida’s website to become a volunteer or donate.

Mr. Morgan if you’re reading this, the Sunshine State is depending on you to help legalize cannabis in Florida with Regulate Florida.

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  1. Patricia Silverman

    regulate florida will end up loosing home grows as written freedom Florida is the way to go

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      This is the most uninformed comment of the day. Thanks for providing an opportunity to clearly debunk your mis-information. Regulate Florida provides a minimum of 6 mature plants, with no canopy limit and no limit on plants in vegetative state. The regulations outlined in the amendment clearly define the only way for said regulations to change is with a vote in an even numbered election year. This is huge. There are all kinds of other protections too. Regulate Florida also clearly defines anyone can transfer up to 1 ounce. Everything about Floridians for Freedom is left up to the politicians to decide.

      On the other hand, the pipe dream known as Floridians for Freedom states:

      All people in the state of Florida 21 years of age and older shall have the right under STATE LAWS to possession, use and cultivaiton of cannabis. The right shall not be infringed upon EXCEPT that the transfer of cannabis by purchase or sale may be regulated as necessary to ensure health and safety.

      What this means is the legislature will have complete autonomy in regulating cannabis and medical marijuana sales. Despite home grows being a great right to have, the VAST majority of patients and consumers will never grow cannabis in their life. The mess that we see with the medical marijuana program in Florida will be tenfold under a Floridians for Freedom agreement.

      Unless you think and trust that the legislature will not use public health and safety as a reason to continue to slowdown the industry, then go ahead and support Floridians for Freedom. If you think WE THE PEOPLE should be the ones to write the laws and tell the government what to do then Regulate Florida is the answer. It’s real simple.

      Regulate Florida = Freedom for Patients, Businesses and TAX Revenue for the state.
      Floridians for Freedom= Massive Government Obstruction