Judge Karen Gievers Ordered the following:

  1. Section 381,986, Florida Statutes (2017) unconstitutionally restricts rights that are protected in the Constitution, and so that statutory prohibition against the use of smokable marijuana permitted by section 29 qualifying patient is declared invalid and unenforceable.
  2. The marijuana definition incorporated in and protected by Article X, Section 29 (b) (4) includes the 2014 version of section 381.986 which has continuing viability by virtue of Floridian’s having put it in the  Constiution.  Qualifying patients have the right to use the form of medical marijuana for treatment of their debilitating medical conditions as recommended by their certified physicians, including the use of smokable marijuana in private places.
  3. As the prevailing party, the plaintiffs are entitled to recover taxable costs on timely filed motion and order.


Read the full text of John Morgan’s final order in smokable cannabis case.

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  1. Naomi Manley

    Awesome Job!! Thank you John Morgan 😁

  2. Roxanne Duncan

    Please let me no when and where I can buy the smokeable marajauna I already have my license, thanks

  3. Regina DeBord

    I’m living severe arthritis and pain.

  4. Joseph Hertrich

    Thank You for the efforts you have dedicated, I am a veteran closed in my home a partial quad having to still find “underground” means to provide the product which fills my nedicatinal needs. The best part is that it is non-addictive in the medical biochemical. I would love to meet you and help in your campaign if you truely need a had, What can I do to significantly assist i your goal? Hope to hear from you or a member of your staff.

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      Thank you Brother! Reach out to the Buds for Vets organization. They may be able to assist you with obtaining a free recommendation. Also make sure to signup for a chance to win a free doctors visit at Floridamarijuana.net/Free

  5. kay naves

    I have chronic pain trying to get off the pain pills .I have my card an , started with the oils because I was not a smoker have bleeding ulcer an severe muscle spasms . I found my combination s that works for me. however I have a issue . I am part of a Disaster Response team an cant take my medicine with me across state line or on a plane so that I can use when I’m not on mission. I am allowed however to take a crap load of Opioids and other harsh narcotics on plane with me. I have gotten off Soma And ZANAX an refused the higher does of pain meds all due to your hard work John an I collected signatures for you in Lake county Florida. I am still taking Lortab 4 x A day because I am now on disability an have 2 upcoming surgeries. My home is in Alabama part time an I live part time in Florida ,a registered voter in Florida ,Family paid for me to get started an get my card an meds but how can I get off this horrible opioids if I can afford my meds an its not legal to grow a natural wild plant that our heavenly father surely put here for that very reasons.? If I could afford it I still have the issue of not being able to transport my mm with me so could you please help me to help you with these two concerns.? Please contact me I would be so very happy to be a witness to all the benefits an decrease of my quality of life due to these two issues. Thank you so very much