The Regulate Florida legalization campaign just made history by reaching Supreme Court review in Florida.  According to the latest data from the State or Florida’s Supervisor of Elections website, the ballot initiative has made it to Supreme Court review in record time. This is the first time an adult use petition has made Supreme Court review in the Sunshine State.  Regulate Florida is a grass roots organization that’s been boosted in 2019 thanks to industry support, none more so than the support from Sunshine Cannabis and the “Vaporize to Legalize” campaign. 

Sunshine Cannabis is the first Florida brand to be licensed by an MMTC in the Sunshine State, and they have made a historic commitment to help by donating 20% of all proceeds to Regulate Florida to help pay for petitioners to collect petitions.  Chris “Sunshine” Williams Founder & President of Sunshine Cannabis is also on the Regulate Florida board of directors. Sign up to learn more and order products at .

Regulate Florida’s Campaign Chairman Michael Minardi was just on The Marijuana Solution podcast and he broke down the next steps in the process with host Robert Roundtree.   Listen to the full episode here

Thanks to the consistent and ongoing commitment from Sunshine Cannabis, Regulate Florida has been able to reach Supreme Court review more than one month earlier than John Morgan’s Amendment 2 took.  Regulate Florida has been receiving increased industry support for the past year from groups like Trulieve and other MMTCs that have facilitated the petitioning process by joining as petitioning partners.  Petitioning partners allow for the pickup and drop off of petitions at their retail locations.  

The petitioning group will continue collecting petitions as they are awaiting the decision by the Supreme Court.  To get involved and help, go to and sign up to become a volunteer.  

We would like to give a big thanks to the hard working and dedicated group of volunteers led by Campaign Chairman Michael Minardi, and Co-Chairwoman Karen Seeb-Goldstein and the rest of the Regulate Florida board.

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  1. Cliff E. Otto

    I have been smoking marijuana for over 50 years. I’m still pinching myself that with my MMC I can go into a dispensary and have a choice of flower with no hassle or fear of getting busted. Even choice of products! I’m like a kid at Christmas! I never thought that it would happen in my lifetime. I’m 67 years old.

  2. Daniel Smith

    I love the Sunshine kush and Gainesville green, they are my daily goto Trupods and never let me down. This is also one of the reasons I shop at Trulieve because Sunshine Cannabis is helping pay for Regulate Florida to legalize it for us all. I listened to Chris Sunshine talk about this in Gainesville with Rick Naya and Michael Minardi back in April and they did a big product giveaway and donated a check on stage, glad to see the fruits of their labor finally igniting change in Florida. Free the plant!

  3. Lisa

    Thank you to all the hardworking volunteers and multiple nonprofits that helped make this happen also!!! All of us working together can make a large, positive difference! Speaking up and volunteering is much appreciated. Patient access is vital but many still can’t afford the doctor’s cost, card, or crazy priced meds thanks to the system Florida has set up. Hoping for significant improvements in our system and further legalization!

  4. Person Guy

    I hope that we get Oregon type laws as the prices get a lot lower if you can grow in your own home and therefore having lots of competition in the market means a better market overall. We need to ensure that growing in your own home is made legal and covered in this legislation.