John Morgan stood outside the Leon County courthouse in Tallahassee and spoke about his lawsuit over the medical marijuana law that bans smoking. A good time was had by all.

Calvina wasn’t invited. She doesn’t like any of it.

Calvina Fay – executive director, Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.

Calvina Fay, executive director of Drug Free America Foundation, which opposed Amendment 2, said “It was a sad day in Florida history.”

“It’s obvious the goal of the Legislature, which puts the health and safety of all Floridians first, is in clear conflict with Mr. Morgan’s plan to profit from the sale of marijuana in the state,” said Fay.

“Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers took the responsible approach in implementing the state’s new constitutional amendment on medical marijuana. Their legislation (SB 8-A) allows vaping and edibles, but not smoking.”

“While not perfect, the legislation succeeded in finding a balance that protects the public health and safety of all Floridians while allowing the legal access to marijuana that was approved by voters.”

“Florida is setting a standard that can be followed by other states seeking to make their medical marijuana programs safer and more responsible,” she added.

“It can be tricky to be on the right side of science, but on the wrong side of ideology.” Dr. Sanjay Gupta

“If you really care to learn about the medicinal benefits of marijuana just watch Sanjay Gupta’s two specials on CNN,” Morgan said. “The pharmaceutical industry is engaged in the business of premeditated murder and they have spokespeople and goons who do their dirty work disguised as crusaders. They are not. They are hired guns. Who pays them? Nobody pays me. I can’t be bought. Opiate sales were $15 billion in America alone last year and treatment for the side effects were $55 billion.”

Morgan said the two issues he had with the bill, were the limitations placed on doctors who want to treat patients with medical marijuana and the ban on all smoking of it.

“The Florida legislature decided to get involved in the medical use and that is not allowed,” Morgan said. “We clearly stated in the amendment that medical marijuana was not allowed to be smoked in public places. Meaning, it was allowed in private places.”

Mel & Betty Sembler, Founders, Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.

The former organization Straight Inc., founded by Mel and Betty Sembler, were forced to shut down by the government in 1993 after charges of kidnapping and torture to hundreds of teens resulting in multiple suicides. Drug Free America Foundation with Calvina Fay as a highly paid front person, is a follow-up creation of the Semblers.

Who Supports Drug Free America?

  • Drug Free America Foundation’s primary funders are the three pharmaceutical companies that produce virtually all the legal opioids sold in the world today. Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Percocet.
  • Private prison corps that couldn’t exist without non-violent drug offenders.
  • Alcohol producers who have already experienced major income losses in places like Colorado where traffic fatalities are down by 50%.
  • Drug Free America has received millions in taxpayer funded grants.
Rep. Ray Rodriguez HB1397

A major portion of the grant money has contributed to the politicians who arranged the grants. During the 2017 Florida legislative session, Rep. Ray Rodriguez was that politician. The Appropriation Bill was attached to HB1397. If passed during the session, it would have provided Drug Free America with a cash payout of $500,000. to establish a marijuana prevention and treatment facility.

Outside of Drug Free America, Calvina Fay does not exist.

There is usually a story behind a story and that begins with the person behind the cause. For Calvina Fay, executive director of Drug Free America, there is no personal story. You will discover the same 8-10 outdated photos of Fay and the same identical professional biography.

When events undermine the mission of Drug Free America or attacks on her foundation are made, defensive and offensive quotes from her show up in articles. But you will never find any comment relating to her personal life outside Drug Free America Foundation. You will not find her in random photo shoots. Calvina Fay Interview – 2016

While our search of the real Calvina Fay continues, here’s some quotes.

“It’s obvious the goal of the Legislature, which puts the health and safety of all Floridians first, is in clear conflict with Mr. Morgan’s plan to profit from the sale of marijuana in the state.”

“The legislation succeeded in finding a balance that protects the public health and safety of all Floridians.”

“The science still very much indicates that smoking a crude weed is not a healthy thing to do, we just don’t think a constitutional amendment is a good way to go about establishing a so-called medical program in our state.”

“We cannot allow individual states to undermine federal anti-drug laws. Medical questions should be decided by the FDA — in consultation with the medical profession — not by pro-drug activists preying on public ignorance.”

“Crude marijuana isn’t medicine, and promoting addiction isn’t compassionate.”

“Smoking is an ineffective and illogical way to deliver medicine – dosage cannot be regulated, and tar and other harmful compounds are delivered directly to the lungs along with any helpful cannabinoids (compounds in marijuana)…

“Other delivery methods aren’t safer either; vaporizing does not filter cancer-causing tar or other chemicals, and eating delivers the same damaging compounds as well as the insecticides and fungi found in unmonitored crops… “

“Medicalizing this harmful substance has caused truly ill people to refuse proper medical care, thinking that because marijuana makes them feel better they are getting better. Medical practitioners and others who are truly concerned for the sick have higher standards and greater compassion – we want the ill to receive the medicine they need.”

“The medical excuse of the marijuana movement has become a device used by special interest groups to exploit the sick and dying and well-meaning voters for their own purposes.”

“For these reasons, we ask lawmakers to proceed with caution, and to please keep treating marijuana as a dangerous drug that requires strict safeguards and controls.”

Calvina Fay Debates Rob Kampia-2009

Calvina Fay on Our Issues Tampa Bay – Calvina Fay’s interview with Jenn Holloway on Our Issues Tampa Bay regarding the ballot initiative on Marijuana in Florida.




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