Now that the dust has settled around attorney general Jeff Sessions’ promise of harsher federal marijuana enforcement, advocates of legalization have largely exchanged their initial disappointment over the move for one of long-term optimism.

“I think there was a knee-jerk reaction of something approaching panic, but once everyone calmed down, they’ve come to realize that practically this is going to have little impact,” said Patrick Moen, a former Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent who now works as council to an investment firm in the nascent legal marijuana industry.

Some, like Moen, even believe the decision could be the best thing for the growing marijuana movement, hastening the formal end of weed prohibition in the US.

“There will probably a short term chilling effect, but this could ultimately be the best thing that’s ever happened to accelerate the pace of change,” Moen said.

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  1. James Spiazzi

    you know i really hope this is true because most people i believe can not make heads or tails about this whole situation.I live in Florida i own penny stocks on mostly medical weed.But possibly if someone would make heads or tails about all the indecision and time lapse problems in this buisness maybe things would be easier to understand.Not even taking into consideration about the financial aspect of it only being a cash buisness and still being considered i do believe illegal.Maybe i am just misinformed or possibly even stupid.But i still believe that if liquor is still legal and people still drive drunk and kill innocent people on the road everyday then maybe they should make liquor illegal.OH WHAT AN UPROAR THERE WOULD BE ABOUT THAT.But that would never ever happen .So i will stay patient and hope for the best. thanks

  2. David Demague

    All just front for government to by time and figure out how to properly control and tax this new political business venture!

  3. Joseph A. Hertrich

    I am a veteran who survived an extremely damaging infection who relies upon the Veterans Administration for healthcare. Two options exist to control the unrelenting pain. ; Opioids which are addictive but the legal alternative for Federally employed Doctors to precribe, or marijuana. the illegal non addictive alternative which they (the VA doctors) have even been warned forbidden to even talk about. IS this bass-ackwards ya think?

    1. Robert Roundtree

      do you have an MMJ card in Florida yet? If not there is a great organization that can help you with this.