Florida law enforcement arrests nearly 40,000 people a year for cannabis possession. It is the belief of most experts that all cannabis use is medicinal and therapeutic. This means 40,000 patients that use marijuana are being arrested every year in Florida for a small amount of cannabis that they use to self medicate.

Arresting people for cannabis possession has disastrous effects on family, community and small businesses. Incarcerating people for something they use to feel better disenfranchises them in a system that is already in the toilet as far as confidence is concerned. Luckily the state of Florida has a viable option to end the incarceration of human beings for a plant. State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith introduced legislation that will decriminalize cannabis statewide.

HB1203 is the bill introduced during the 2018 legislative session. This bill would eliminate the abilit for law enforcement to arrest people for possession of cannabis flower under 20g or concentrates under 5g. This is a huge advancement in criminal justice. Most of the so called “decriminalization” ordinances are actually an option to issue a civil citation. So far when given a chance to arrest or issue a ticket the minority communities of our state have been getting arrested. The racial injustice of cannabis prohibition has been allowed to ravage our state for too long.

Please click here to contact your representative to support HB1203

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  2. Mark Fulghum

    Great post Robert, hopefully we can see some progress this year but we are going to have to grind for it. I live in Panama City and I feel like we are going to be one of the last cities to pull the sticks from their rear ends.

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      thanks Mark. Appreciate the support. We have to continue to fight for what is right.

  3. Jack meoffe

    Let’s see I can take all the narcotics I wan’t all the alcohol I want and possess all the guns I want
    But let me medicate myself with a plant and I immediately give up my gun rights I think you need to work on that one also a lot of people don’t realize they’re going to give that up what a joke Florida is a joke. Have to eat it or vape it is it vaping still putting smoking to your lungs is that cuz they’re trying to keep you at home so people don’t see you and have a stigma hitting your your Vapor pipe in the car hahaha what a joke

  4. Dan Sipes

    no one is confiscating guns in Florida. That is a scare tactic myth trying to keep the number of Florida patients low. Florida now has over 71K registered patients and I’d venture a guess zero turned in or had confiscated ANY guns. Don’t keep the myth alive by spreading it around. It is not happening, no guns r being turned in in exchange for a MMJ ID card. Not happening and not gonna happen.