Florida Marijuana offers medical marijuana business consulting otherwise known as florida cannabis business consulting.  The cannabis industry is rapidly changing and regulations are fluid from one area to the next.  Your cannabiz success depends on being able to navigate the industry as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Florida Marijuana is your key to the insight needed for a successful Florida medical cannabis business.  Robert Roundtree is the founder of Florida Marijuana and has put together the best available resources to ensure your cannabis business grows into the future.  Our consulting team has been involved in the Florida medical marijuana industry since inception.  

We provide cannabis consulting all areas of to include, but not limited to: cannabis cultivation, processing, packaging, extraction, genetics, security, licensing, employment, corporate identity, banking.  Industry best experts from around the world make up our consulting team.

We help your cannabis business flourish and grow by ensuring compliance with regulations and implementing best practices for your standard operating procedures.  More cannabis businesses are shut down due to regulatory violations than anything else.  Running a successful business means you need Florida cannabis business consultants that keep you and your employees up to date on regulations.  Florida Marijuana is partnered with leading attorneys across the state of Florida to make sure your business stays compliant and your brand is protected.

The Florida medical cannabis industry has the same issues other states have.  Issues like naming the company and advertising.  Branding your Florida cannabis business properly avoids the headache of having to rename it due to regulations.  Did you know in Altamonte Springs, Florida specific words are banned from being used as names in a Florida medical marijuana business?  We take the guesswork out of your cannabis branding strategy and corporate identity.  Our graphic designers, content creators and copywriters understand the cannabis industry and what the market wants.


The cannabis industry is growing at a pace unlike any industry with Florida leading the way with the fastest growing medical marijuana market in history.  Come Grow with us!



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