Florida Medical Marijuana Business Attorneys

Specialize in Business Consulting Services

Florida attorneys who specialize in medical marijuana can focus properly on complicated state laws that apply to growing or purchasing cannabis from Tampa dispensaries. They can incorporate your business of producing or selling cannabis, and assist you in navigating ever-changing cannabis laws.

Who Needs Medical Marijuana Attorneys in Florida?

With the helpful advice of your specialized attorney, you can learn the right way to provide services or products from your dispensary to patients who need cannabis in order to decrease pain symptoms or control other diseases.  Opening a retail dispensary operation often involves a bunch of legal hurdles and having someone to help you navigate the bureaucratic red tape can save countless time and money.  Ultimately, it could be the difference in your license to open a dispensary in Miami getting approved over someone who didn’t have everything in order with the help of a medical marijuana business consultant.

Orlando attorneys who specialize in legal cannabis can explain the ins and outs of growing, processing, testing and retailing cannabis for adults in Orange County. They are on the front lines as licensing regulations and rules are adopted and changed.  Politicians often draft new regulations, or regulatory bodies change the requirements so quick and without notice that it is hard to keep up.  Large corporations have entire departments devoted just to regulation compliance.

Medical marijuana lawyers in Miami connect with the Departments of Agriculture, Professional Regulation and Public Health, as these agencies add supplemental rules to the current laws. Nationally, attorneys should belong to the National Cannabis Industry Association.

What Do Cannabis Lawyers Do?

Lawyers who specialize in medical marijuana in Miami, Florida can help you whether you are learning to grow cannabis or ready to begin marketing products from a retail dispensary location patients who need them. Business consulting lawyers help to create, advise and defend medicinal marijuana cooperatives. The best ones have spent time in court battling for the rights of patients who need medical cannabis.

Keeping abreast of current amendments, Jacksonville medical marijuana attorneys work with growers, dispensaries, cooperatives, and other business entities in the medical cannabis field. Lawyers will help them to remain compliant with any applicable rules and regulations set forth from the Department of Health.

New Frontiers

As more states legalize medical marijuana and some adopt the cannabis plant for recreational use, the laws change and may become blurred. If you utilize the services of lawyers that have been working with legalized cannabis from the beginning, they often have a working knowledge that many other business consultants do not.


Saint Petersburg attorneys will build collaborations with accountants, realtors, security companies, software inventory tracking companies, real estate services and insurance brokers. This is beneficial, since you probably will not run into any problems that they have not already worked to resolve with other companies.

Tax Laws

Tax lawyers typically offer specific advice that applies to your business tax liability. Additionally,  they can refer you to tax advisors who offer tax-planning services. If they have worked with these financial services companies before, they have a good idea of what to expect. They understand the complex federal and state tax laws that will affect your business going forward. If you are audited by the Florida Department of Revenue or the IRS, tax attorneys will fight for your cause.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You may need state trademarks to aid in the protection of the name you choose for your product or service in the medical marijuana industry. When your intellectual property attorney files for Florida trademark protection on your behalf, you will be legally enabled to sue anyone who uses your intellectual property without seeking permission from you.





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