Florida Medical Marijuana Institutions Opportunities in FL MMJ

Florida medical marijuana has many opportunities popping up.  The Department of Higher Education has approved and accredited Marijuana University. Also known as Clover Leaf University, the college has earned formal, full state approval for its 16 standalone certifications and 4 accredited cannabis certifications. The approvals came from the Department of Higher Education in the state of Colorado.

What the Courses Can Provide

The university has hopes not just to educate consumers of medical marijuana, but also to offer cannabis training for business entrepreneurs. This is one of the most quickly growing and profitable businesses in the United States. People who successfully complete the classes will be ready to open Florida dispensaries, and similar stores in other states with legal marijuana.  Florida medical marijuana is growing faster than ever.

The historic decision by the Colorado Department of Higher Education validates further the message of professionalism, education and the leading curriculums in the industry. It is also a landmark decision for the medical marijuana industry.

As more states legalize cannabis for medical purposes, and some for recreational use, Clover Leaf University anticipates expansion of studies across the US. National legalization is being eyed, as well. CLU launched in 2013 and presented the world’s most elite business entrepreneurs, breeders, cultivation masters and hash makers.

Clover Leaf educators feel that learning is key in helping people to understand an industry still in the stages of infancy. Their goal is setting scientific standards that will be helpful in educating all members of the cannabis community, including those who are opening Miami, Florida dispensaries.

Classes Offered at Cannabis Training University (CTU)

CTU filmed online classes in cultivating cannabis facilities approved and licensed by the State of Colorado. They also provide job training and placement for those involved in growing and dispensary operation. This allows those who seek jobs in dispensaries and educational facilities to become competitive. The school will offer people the tools they need to find jobs in the medical marijuana industry.

Online Training Programs

The CTU Master Certificate Program includes video training courses that are taught by experts in the cannabis industry. You can watch the videos anytime on your smartphone, tablet or computer. These courses teach growers with instruction from growers who have won Cannabis Cup competitions.

The Certificate from CTU readies you for a job in medical marijuana, from the most recognized teachers in the 420 Industry. The assistance will help if you are interested in getting a job in the cannabis field, or in starting your own dispensary.

Some of the courses offered through CTU include:

  • Cooking with cannabis
  • Growing Cannabis Cup competitive marijuana
  • Making cannabis salves and ointments
  • Making kief and hash
  • How to open your own medical marijuana dispensary
  • How to become a BudTender in Florida dispensaries
  • How to be a caregiver in your local Jacksonville area
  • How to open up a marijuana delivery service
  • How to set up your cannabis garden
  • Growing cannabis indoors and out
  • Updated country and state medical marijuana laws
  • How to treat common garden pests

Online courses mean you can learn at your own pace, whenever you have the time. Make a positive change in your life when you watch the class videos. Recently with the impending legislation in the state of Florida there have been a few entrepreneurs looking to bring higher education to the sunshine state. Cannabis University of Florida has been providing classes and seminars to people interested in the medical marijuana industry in Florida.

Cannabis University of Florida is providing potential medical marijuana business owners valuable information on the best ways to get started in the industry and make money doing it.





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