Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

is your one stop place for any and all information pertaining to the new legislation that is going to be voted in that will setup Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers around the state.  These medical marijuana treatment centers are going to be what are known in other states as dispensaries.  This means that in order to receive your medicine you will have to have a valid, legal prescption for marijuana and then take your prescription to the medical marijuana treatment center.

Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

A good way to think of a treatment center is a pharmacy for marijuana.  Our website is going to go fully live once the law is passed and the marijuana treatment centers begin to open up and establish themselves.  On www.floridamarijuana.net you will find a listing for each and every open, legally established treatment center in the state.  We understand the beneficial value that marijuana has in any treatment plan and want to make finding the nearest medical marijuana treatment center as easy as browsing the site and a couple of clicks.  Our dynamic map of the State of Florida will allow you to click on the county you’re looking for a treatment center in and then you will be presented with a list all the available treatment centers.  We will provide you with a wealth of information on each treatment center.

Some things to expect from us will be.

  • Hours of operation
  • Types of medicine available
  • Current medicine available
  • Signup process. ( is it a member center, or open to the public)
  • Preferred methods of payment
  • Directions
  • Reviews
  • Telephone and email contact information
  • Website address
  • Social Media profile links
  • Pictures of the Medical Marijuana Treatment Center
  • Pictures of their medical marijuana
  • Price range. (is it expensive or is it fairly priced)

Our goal is to inform the public of all the available options they have when it comes to the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Florida.  Our founding members are all medical marijuana patients from the state of California and have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of our life while using medicinal marijuana while living in California.  Since returning to Florida we had to give this option up as a form of treatment.  We are looking forward to the day we will be able to say the first Florida medical marijuana treatment center has finally opened!

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