Florida medical marijuana is going to the voters November 4th, 2014.  In order for the amendment to pass it requires a 60% yes vote on November 4th.  According to most of the recent polls on the issue voters are likely to pass the measure with anywhere from 70% to 82% depending on which of the polls you reference.  If the recent polling is an indicator of what the future of medical marijuana in Florida holds then it is a safe assumption to say that come November 5th the state of Florida will be the first southern state to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana for patients.

Across the country there has been an increase in the number of states legalizing medical marijuana with each passing legislative session.  The most recent count of states that have a form of legalized medical marijuana program is 21 plus the District of Columbia.  While each of the states programs are administered differently, the common thing amongst them is a common sense approach to using marijuana as a medicine.  Some states, two to be exact, have gone one step further and legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  Both Colorado and the state of Washington have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for consenting adults above the age of 21.  Although the Florida medical marijuana bill will not legalize the recreational use of the plant, it is a step in the right direction.  Florida medical marijuana laws will be written within six months of the passage of the bill on November 4th according to the language in the amendment.

The Florida medical marijuana amendment, if passed by voters will provide the use of marijuana as a medicine for patients who receive a prescription from a Florida physician for a debilitating disease or any other condition that the benefits outweigh the risks.  Opponents of the proposed legislation argue that the language in the amendment will make Florida’s medical marijuana law some of the most lenient.  Opponents want to limit the use of the plant to certain diseases and prevent it from being used for any condition that a medical doctor sees fit.  To any person with a shred of common sense this should sound absurd.  Who would know better about the benefits of a medicine than the doctor treating the patient?  This argument goes against the mountains of evidence from thousands of medical marijuana research articles that have been published.

The passage of a Florida Medical marijuana bill would provide many patients in Florida the opportunity to treat the conditions they suffer from with a plant based medicine and not countless synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Charlotte’s Web, a strain of medical marijuana high in CBDd, is proof that the plant is far more powerful than most traditional forms of western medicine.  The plant strain is named after a patient who suffered from countless seizures that scores of pharmaceuticals could not tame.  Upon taking the Charlotte’s Web medical marijuana oil, the patient was able to reduce the amount of seizures they suffered to a more manageable level and have a somewhat normal life.  The strain is so popular amongst parents trying to find solutions for their children’s seizures that many have relocated to the state of Colorado in order to have access to the wonderful medicine.

Florida Medical marijuana can and should be passed on November 4th when voters go to the polls and Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers would like to encourage everyone who can vote in the state to do the right thing and vote yes.

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