How to Choose a Florida Medical Marijuana Business Consultant

Choosing a FL Cannabis Business Consultant for Your Florida Dispensary

Selecting a quality business consultant is an important step for any new dispensary, or even an established one. As the medical marijuana industry grows, it is attracting some questionable and under-qualified consultants who are only in the business for the money.

Some FL medical marijuana consultants charge high fees even to provide basic information to business owners. Others promise a lot but actually only deliver a little. Some consultant firms are run by people who have had business challenges or legal issues themselves.

The consultant pool is quite varied. It is made up of owners of successful – and failed – marijuana dispensaries, as well as professionals that work in other sectors. Others are people who have done previous business with cannabis companies involved in production or sales.

A Wide Spectrum of Quality

Many consultants do provide reputable, valuable services to people who are starting up an Orlando dispensary. Actually, consultants can be compared in some ways to medical marijuana growers. Each one you speak to says he is the best, but everyone cannot be the best.

How Should Dispensaries Choose Business Consultants?

The most important thing you can ask a potential consultant, if you are planning to start a dispensary in Florida or operate a medical marijuana treatment center in Florida, is to speak with his previous clients. Phone some of them just as you would if you were interviewing the references of a potential new employee. Doing this due diligence will steer you away from hiring consultants just for their low prices.

Make Sure You Can Meet in Person

As new states legalize medical marijuana, consultants who work in existing markets will look in their direction for new clients. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If someone can navigate the medical marijuana laws in Colorado or California, they should also be able to accomplish the consultation in Florida. However, since the relationship between the consultant and client creates an impact on your business health, it is helpful to meet in person if you can.

Consider Florida Medical Marijuana Business Consultants within Your Niche

Specific knowledge is important in the medical marijuana consulting business. Some experienced consultants use this experience to cultivate new clients. They may be more useful to dispensary owners than new consultants who don’t know the intricacies of the medical marijuana field, says THC Biz

Some consultants may ask you for equity or partial ownership in your business. Having multiple owners can create conflicts of interest for your potential consultant. In addition, this equity can violate local Miami ownership laws. Conventional payment on your part will keep your consultant from getting into areas of your business that he does not understand.

It is also important to ensure that your Florida consultant is not working with other licensed Florida dispensaries. This could lead to potential conflicts of interest with those other businesses. A consultant can also spread himself too thin when he takes on many new clients.




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