Trulieve, a Florida medical marijuana treatment center, offers a variety of medical marijuana products. This is a video demonstrating how to use their cannatol cannabis nasal rescue spray. This product is highly effective for treating epileptic patients or otherwise unresponsive patients. Many caregivers turn to this as their preferred method for treating someone experiencing a seizure. This product works by delivering the cannabis oil directly into the nasal passage for fast relief of symptoms.

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  1. Jo

    My child has has been using Cannatol Rx Spray to stop a seizure from happening.
    It’s been 7 months since we started to use the nasal spray and she has been seizure free for those 7 months.

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      That’s such amazing news. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. mike persan

    cannatol works for me hi im mike I have autisim and epilepsy and got it 3days ago, medically. it helps soo much. thanks to you all!,friend mike

  3. Michael Deen

    How long does the medication affect the patient? And, is it equally effective as inhalation (vape cartridge)… medicating; “high”? How long is the “high” / medication? Thank you.