Trulieve, a Florida medical marijuana treatment center, offers a huge selection of medical cannabis products. This is a video demonstrating how to use their dry herb vaporizer cups.   The vaporizer must be used with the approved pre loaded cups. The cups that the vaporizer uses is ground up whole flower cannabis.  This type of a delivery device is designed to give patients a true entourage effect. Having the full synergistic effects of all the various cannabinoids and terpenes makes for more effective medical marijuana product.

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  1. How to Use Trulieve Whole Flower Handheld Vaporizer

    […] Trulieve, a Florida dispensary, offers a variety of products at its Florida medical marijuana treatment centers. This is a video demonstrating how to use their dry herb handheld vaporizer. This vaporizer allows patients to get a full entourage effect which provides the synergistic healing properties of all the available cannabinoids and terpenes.  This vaporizer must be used with the state approved pre-loaded dry herb cannabis cups. You can watch the demonstration video showing you how to use Trulieve’s whole flower handheld vaporizer cups. […]

  2. George Beach

    Extremely over priced and not worth it. .3 grams for $25 is extreme considering street value for a whole gram is 15-20 and street value usually is more. Also I’m basing this off of actually buying one just to try it, the % was really weak to me and definitely wasnt what was listed.