Is Medical Marijuana Safe?

Just how safe is medical marijuana? Patients in Florida who will now be able to start getting prescriptions for certain conditions may be wondering if taking medical marijuana is really a good idea or not. They’ve spent much of their lives listening to negative information about marijuana and the people who smoke it, and they might be wondering if ingesting medical marijuana could actually cause more problems for them. Some patients who are sitting in a Miami doctor’s office right now might be weighing the pros and cons, fearful that if they take medical cannabis it could somehow hurt them. They may even fear an addiction to the drug, or worse they may believe the propaganda that says it will make you think you can fly.  The propaganda surrounding the cannabis plant has been waged by governments for well over a century and it has had an effect on public perception of the plant.  So what is the real truth and what is just hype?

The Truth Regarding Medical Marijuana and Safety

Medical marijuana is a completely safe drug according to a host of different studies and the opinions of healthcare professionals in the United States and around the world. The health benefits that it can offer include the reduction of pain, inflammation, anti-cancer properties, and help with depression and other mental disorders. Some studies are showing that cannabis could actually help to kill cancer cells and help combat HIV. If the results of those studies confirm these initial thoughts, it could – and should – change the way the world thinks about marijuana.  Slowly but surely public perception regarding the safety of marijuana has been shifting from a negative to positive image.  The shift in public perception is with good reason, there just aren’t that many negative health related consequences that have been associated with the use of marijuana despite all the negative propaganda put out by government agencies near and far.  Despite what they propaganda has said over the years, there is still not one documented case of someone dying from overdosing on marijuana.

People who take marijuana do not have to worry about physical addiction either, which is one of the fears that some medical users have. Marijuana is not a physically addictive drug. It is only psychologically addictive in a tiny subset of users, and even then, getting over that craving for the marijuana is easy enough. Most users have a take it or leave it attitude toward it.  It should be noted that anything can be psychologically addictive.

How Else Is Medical Marijuana Safe?

Those who may still feel opposed to medical marijuana in Florida should take a moment to consider some of the other ways that it may be safer for patients as well. Marijuana can help people who are going through cancer treatment, and it can numb their pain so they can make it through the day with some semblance of normalcy.  Cancer and AIDS/HIV patients are often on countless prescription medications.  Many of the prescriptions that people who suffer from those conditions cause appetite suppression, especially chemotherapy patients.  Medical cannabis provides these patients a boost in appetite and allows them to eat when otherwise they would not want to.

Medical marijuana, and legalized marijuana, can help to lower the crime rates, reduce the number of people in jail on smalltime drug charges, and it can ensure patients have the help they need to deal with their medical issues. Safe access is always good.

Everything about medical marijuana shows that it is a safe alternative to so many of the other options available in the field of healthcare today. Most painkillers are addictive and can take a toll on your body. Marijuana is a natural, safe alternative to those drugs, and it could be a good option for many patients in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and all of the other cities that dispensaries are sure to open. While it might not be for everyone, take the time to speak with a physician about the options you have. It might be just what your health actually needs.

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