Click the image below to read the entire 89 page United States Federal lawsuit filed against Jeff Sessions, DEA, and DOJ by five plaintiffs.  The five plaintiffs are listed below and we will be doing a feature article on each of them and their stories.  We are shooting an exclusive first interview on the subject with an American hero named Jose Belen that will air soon.


  • Jose Belen, Combat veteran with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Parents on behalf of Alexis Bortell, an 11-year-old boy with epilepsy per Culture
  • Parents on behalf of Jagger Cotte, described as an infant
  • Retired National Football League player Marvin Washington
  • Cannabis Cultural Association, Inc.

THE SCALES OF JUSTICE Are weighed down by the truth.


jeff sessions cannabis lawsuit

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  1. Terry Adams

    It is a biological , a plant that has existed and that has been used for medicinal purposes for over 10, 000 years . This plant over recorded history has shown only to heal and NEVER KILL. Opiods are highly addicted and Kill more people than all of the controlled substances combined , alcohol has killed just as many over the years . Let me ask you how can you greedy politicians sit there and get your pockets lined with bllod money from big pharma and alcohol as thousands of people who have trusted you elected officials to protect them . Harry Truman said it best if you get rich in politics then you are a crook and every one of you should be prosecuted for excepting bribes from pharmacutical and alcohol companies . You are given money by big pharma and alcohol to vote in laws that benifit them and you as a politician , Thats Bribery and you all are Guilty . Coffee is more addictive than Marijuana . Marijuana treats , heals and cures so many ailments that millions of people are affected by every single day . Our men and women who selfishly put themselves directly in front of the bullseye to fight the wars that are created by you . PTSD is a killer of Vets and we as a Nation need to do whats ever it takes to keep them Alive , Opiods Kill our Vets by the Thousands and You Mr. Politician collect Millions . Let me ask you this what would you rather happen death or life ? Opiods are the Grim Reaper in disguise . How can you sit there as a fellow human being as Thousands of people die every year from Opiod Addiction when there is a non-lethal , non-addicting alternative .

  2. Skip Ramsaur

    Alexis is an 11 year old GIRL.

  3. Michael P Sanderson

    Not sure why medical marijuana works in chronic pain, diseases your born with, failed back surgeries, MS, MD, Epilepsy, cervical spinal stenosis, spondylosis and other diseases in states where medical marijuana is legal and doesn’t work in states that are rigid in there belief that a plant can’t help because of what big pharmacies have already brought forward. Well, I propose that we have studied the wrong plant thanks to our government and thier relationship to big phamacy corporations. I want a choice! A right to try medical marijuana in this “free” country to discern for myself if this is a proper course for me. Not to be tied to a tree like a dog and not have any say, any say in what may be best for me. Shame on people who do not have to go through life without a major setback . I say, ” you never know what tomorrow brings, and you never know what you may wake up to”, but if you do, as I have experienced, you will want choices available and not be made to feel as low life. We are not responsible for what someone crushes, snorts, dips into, injects or inhales that is not prescribed by a doctor, but is made in someone’s dirty ass bathtub! Please, find it in your heart to have compassion for someone living with an incurable disease, serious injury and failed surgery. It’s real, and it really sucks to be taken out by a pendulum that is going to cause more termoil than good. Look around, it’s not well known, but a lot of people do live and funtion with chronic conditions. But they only live because of a successful pain program. Don’t take out the % of people who follow their doctors orders. Please don’t do it. I understand some have issues and the doctors have protocols to detect it. But please don’t punish those who funtion in society, contribute to our economy because of those who decide to purchase drugs illegally and ingest behind an abandoned building. If your adamant about opioid tolerance and addiction, bring forward a plant that should have been studied but denied since prohibition. It’s non addictive, non suppressive and it works. The science is coming forward thanks to 30 states in this union. It has been proven to treat epilepsy in children in 2017 and the list goes on. Have a change of heart, it has huge potential. If you are a believer in God, you should consider what was given to us and not have a prohibition mentallity based off a movie that demonizes marijuana from the 1930’s. Opium is the true devil, promulgated by our government and big pharmaceutical companies. They together have poisoned us. It’s time for a choice, the time is now, the science exists over years of study by the Mayo Clinic, IU Health, Cleveland Clinic, St. Joseph Children’s Hospital, Riley Hospital and the list goes on. Google it! It’s because of the FDA, DEA and our rigid Republican government, special interest groups and lobby interests that you are made to believe that you Do Not, Can Not Know Better. Do not adhere to dogma! Do not believe everything you here! Follow the rules, but push for what is right. I’m not alone and stand with those for change. And I’m a registered Republican.

  4. Harry Houston

    “The hypocrisy-Federal Gov’t Recognizes medical marijuana with Patent”
    The US Government officially classifies marijuana as Schedule 1
    defined as having, “No medicinal value and highly addictive” yet the
    Federal Government has issued a patent for using cannabinoids as an
    antioxidant and neuro-protectant to the DEA. The U.S. government which
    includes the DEA has medical marijuana Patent #6630507. So once again
    on the one hand, United States federal government officials have
    consistently denied that marijuana has any medical benefits. On the
    other, the government actually holds patents for the medical use of
    the plant. This fact again disqualifies the State of New Jersey’s
    classification of “marijuana” as a schedule 1 drug for N.J.S.A. 24:21-
    5 clearly defines schedule 1 substances as ….”has no accepted medical
    use in treatment in the United States,) US Patent 6630507 titled
    “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuro-protectant” is assigned to The
    government of The United States of America!!!
    The Federal patent says “useful”:
    “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant
    properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new
    found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment
    and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated
    diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and
    autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have
    particular application as neuro-protectant, for example in
    limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults,
    such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of
    neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease,
    Parkinson’s disease and HIV dementia.”
    The patent #6630507 was obtained in October of 2003.

  5. Jose Belen, Founder of Mission Zero, Army Veteran Returns to Discuss The Future

    […] much needed insight into the current climate for cannabis reform on Capital Hill and an update on his lawsuit against the United States Federal Government. Jose is the most powerful voice for veterans and cannabis reform and it’s an honor to have […]