Jeff Sessions spoke to the Heritage Foundation and expressed his want for prescription drugs to continue being prescribed less.  He somehow fails to realize the scietifically proven correlation with legal MMJ and a decrease in prescriptions.  Jeff Sessions has been attacking the medical marijuana programs in states across the country and this is his latest shot across the bow.

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  1. James Spiazzi

    Listen i really do not know who reads this but this is my feeling on this Jeff Sessions idiotic crap. My feeling is this we are dealing with the good OLD boys old is this man 100 who knows. But we have to remember that possibly this mans high was alcohol . I mean seriously how can these people compare cbd or weed to opiates it makes know sense.And until there is someone younger and a little more educated on the situation it seems like fighting a losing battle.I say this because i have spinal stenosis and have been on opiates since 2001 and when i try to get medicinal weed in Florida chronic pain is not considered cancer.Which is understandable to a point. Anyway without abusing opiates and mixing them with alcohol or taking fentanyl which is no longer available opiates do work.So as far as the good fight is concerned it will be an uphill climb.Unless Jeff Sessions leaves his position.Do not see that happening anytime soon.So we continue to question and try to make the good OLD boys club to understand.That pot is not oxycodone or ocycontin .Really theses people need to get a life

  2. geam

    remember they Do Not want to loose out on all the kickbacks that drug companys share with them, bottom line money runs the big boys club, . Yes?

  3. kathleen jones nee legate (can't forget that part of my name - it defines me)

    I question the Honorable Jeff Sessions reasoning because 1) doubtful he has EVER used any kind of marijuana so his testimony is fraught with misconception; 2) medical marijuana does work as I am living proof; 3) pharmaceutical company certainly DO PAY KICKBACKS to doctors, maybe politicians, who knows? 4) Much of the illegal drug business could and would be stymied if medical marijuana were to be made legal. Just look at the illegal border crossings that occur because of marijuana. Politicians and the Honorable Jeff Sessions just don’t get it. Hey, Sir! I have an idea – why don’t you go after the real political enemies of this country and leave us small people alone!!!!!!!

  4. BL White

    Jeff Sessions is a political dinosaur! Too much power for an old man to wield! Probably never tried cannabis and spreading false misinformation about the plant. I bet if you look , and I won’t dignify Sessions with the word ‘Honorable’ as he is receiving some sort of kickbacks from “BIG PHARMA AND TOBACCO!” We need to ratify the constitution to 2 terms and your out of Government employment, never to hold a political position again. That will keep the ‘DIRTY POLITICIANS” OUT OF POWER! This holding an office for 30+ years is ridiculous and needs to be changed!