Right now in the Florida medical marijuana program, you cannot purchase Cannabutter so you have to make it yourself. While there are many products available that you could use to infuse your butter such as cannabis oil drops, cannabis capsules, and even vape pen fillings, the absolute best product on the market to use is Trulieve’s Truclear. This is a distillate product that was extracted and refined using pure food grade alcohol. During this process, the cannabinoids are activated through a process called decarboxylation. This process is what makes it ideal to make a quick 5-minute cannabutter.

For this recipe, you will need a few things.

1. Truclear
2. the Desired amount of butter
3. Microwaveable dish or pan to melt butter
4. Mixing bowl proportionate to the volume of butter you’re making.(too large of a bowl will result in too much waste)
5. Spoon to mix the butter and Truclear with
6. Container to store cannabutter if you’re not immediately using for a recipe


First, you need to determine how strong you want the butter to be. To do this we will be using 1 teaspoon as our serving size assuming you’re going to be storing it for future use. A quick google search for teaspoons per stick of butter lets us know that there are 24 teaspoons per stick of butter. We will be using four sticks for this recipe for a total of 96 servings of cannabutter at a 10mg per serving dosage.

10mg x 96servings=960mg

Now that we know how many mg of the active ingredient is needed, we will add the appropriate amount of Truclear.

One tube equals 850mg and a rice grain about 1/4inch long is 30mg per the included instructions.

Now fill a glass with hot tap water and place two tunes of Truclear in with the cap on the tube. Allow to sit while you prepare the butter.

Place a pan on the stove over medium heat and add four sticks of butter and continually stir until the butter is completely melted. Remove from stove.

Take the first tube of Truclear and empty into a pan of butter while stirring. Continue stirring until the Truclear is completely mixed into the butter. Now take the second tube and expel a little over three-quarters of an inch. Or about three rice grains in length. Completely stir into the butter.

Carefully pour the melted cannabutter into your dish for storage. Scrape down the sides and get every last drop using a spoon or spatula.

Cover and use in all of the same ways you normally use butter. Remember that a teaspoon worth has a dose of 10mg. This means if you’re eating a butter heavy recipe you may want to eat less of that finished recipe than normal if it will contain more than a teaspoon.

This recipe can be scaled up or down to any strength desired. It can also be used for any type of carrier such as coconut oil, olive oil or any other type of oil/butter. But that’s not all it can easily be used in. You can also use it in anything you can get it into. Since distillates are fully activated it does not require decarboxylation. This means the normal requirement of fat is not necessary. While a fatty carrier will help more absorb, it’s not needed. I have put some directly onto pad Thai, hot tea, coffee, crackers. If you’re not currently a medical marijuana patient in Florida and cannot purchase Truclear, you will have to make a more traditional cannabutter recipe.

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  1. Lisa

    Keep sending recipes infused with THC. Thanks.

  2. Felicia

    So I have a gram and a half of distilate how much more butter do I add to the recipe to use it all up?