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Dr. David Berger joins The Marijuana Solution with guest Robert Roundtree to discuss the recent proposed rules by the Florida Department of Health Office of Compassionate Use.  The OIC is the Florida medical marijuana regulatory board.  Dr. David Berger does an amazing job breaking down the proposed rules and how they affect a board certified physicians ability to practice medicine.  Cannabis is an amazing drug and Dr. Berger discusses many of the therapeutic benefits for children and adults.

Family Medical Cannabis Clinic

The Marijuana Solution is dedicated to the medicated and so is Dr. Berger.  Dr. Berger has been championing for patient and doctor rights in Florida for many years.  He has a holistic approach to medicine and believes that cannabis’ benefits are only beginning to be understood. In his practice, Family Medical Cannabis Clinic, he has treated many different patients from young to old with cannabis and has received amazing feedback on the benefits.

Dr. Berger will be continuing to join The Marijuana Solution as we lead the charge to get co-sponsors on The Florida Medical Marijuana Act, SB614 filed by Senator Jeff Brandes.


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