The Marijuana Solution Podcast episode 031 with Gary Stein, author of The Great Green Hope, writer for Huffington Post, Florida medical marijuana advocate, activist and policy expert.  Gary joins the show to discuss how people can get involved in their local political process.  We learn that staying on message is the most effective way to convey your needs to a political, because you often only have a couple minutes.  Gary also provides us with an update on the Florida medical marijuana program’s weak legs. 


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  1. nmcondon

    Please don’t call her weed / she is a divine sacramental flower and she loves us..

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      And love is acceptance, therefore she doesn’t care if we call her weed, ganja, herb, grass, pot….. She doesn’t judge. 😉

  2. Riley

    What an informative podcast. You really offer a valuable service to those who are trying to understand cannabis to those who are very educated. What an excellent resource for people who want to get involved but do not know where to start, especially if they live in an area which is remote, rural or in a city who is advasarial in relationship to cannabis. Getting people to sign petitions would be one of the greatest means of support for those of you on the ground pushing for full legalization and the right to use for all. The legislative process is daunting with many facets. Having small educational support groups all over Florida would be awesome.