Below is Cory Hutchinson’s bio from the CrowPac site. You can commit to donate to his campaign at this link.

I am Cory Hutchinson, a North Port resident, who has lived in Sarasota County my entire life. I believe in our county, and in our people. I have seen the struggles and successes of this region over the course of my life, and have seen what many families, and individuals are dealing with. We have a community that is ripe with potential, but is not being served well by our current representatives.

Wages are stagnant, and many Sarasota and Charlotte county residents are living in poverty. Many cannot find a job that supports a family, because these jobs are disappearing in favor of minimum-wage, part-time positions. Florida’s mental health care system has fallen apart, and our environmental protection is lackluster. We have to remember that Florida, and Sarasota county, are not just tourist destinations. We have to focus on the people who pay taxes here, the people who live here year round.

I am considering running for State Representative, District 74, to bring your voice to Tallahassee. I believe in our citizens. I believe in citizen’s rights, and making sure that we, as citizens, are fairly represented. I want our education system reformed, our health care system reformed, and our legislators to pay attention to the people they promised to represent.

Key policy points:

1. Work to secure more funding for health care, especially mental health care. We currently rank near the bottom in health care, across the nation.

2. Work with area leaders to develop affordable housing for our workforce.

3. Draft a bill that will force all legislators across the state to utilize the same health care that all citizens are afforded. No more special health care for legislators that is much better than what everyone else can have.

4. Increase mental health services for veterans, including counseling that will help veterans who are coming back from combat.

5. Increase the minimum wage, and expand the earned income tax credit to allow single individuals, and families to keep more of their income.

6. Legalize marijuana, recreationally and medicinally. Utilize funding from this policy to help fund education, health services, and infrastructure.

7. Increase pay for teachers, and work to reform the state education system, so that public schools receive more funding, and can work to rid themselves of Common Core.

8. Focus on true health care reform, where both public and private systems exist, creating many options for all needs.

Thank you for taking the time to research my ideas, and points. Please feel free to contact me, and consider pledging your support for this campaign. I have run for office once before, running for North Port City Commission, in 2016. I know being a representative is tough, but I will work my hardest to ensure that you are always represented fairly, and that government runs the way it should. I believe we need a new voice in District 74.

Current Occupation: College and Career Advisor, Sarasota County Schools


B.A.- English, Magna Cum Laude (Arizona State University)

M.B.A. (Western Governors University) *Expected Spring 2018*

-Cory Hutchinson

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    1. Cory Hutchinson

      Hi, Sherry.

      You can click the link in the bio, which will take you to my Crowdpac page where you can make a donation. You will only be charged if I formally run for the position. Thank you for your support!