Dr. Adrian Long of Crescent Beach Care is Cancelling Patient MMJ Cards According to Patient Nina Dawn


Dr. Adrian Long’s office of Crescent Beach Care in St. Augustine Florida is allegedly cancelling Florida medical marijuana patients Mmj card/registration.  Today on The Marijuana Solution podcast episode 25 we speak with Nina Dawn of Florida.  According to Nina, Dr. Long’s office staff refused to put her order in for two weeks, then demanded more money, and finally said they would be cancelling her order in the registry.  This was allegedly done after putting her into the registry but not putting in an active order.  According to Nina Dawn, she was advised that she would have an initial order of 300mg/day and she could adjust it if needed, otherwise she wouldn’t need to be seen again until the renewal of 7 months came up.  Nina says she was told this despite never actually receiving an active order for 300mg/day as the doctor advised.

This means Nina has a card but no actual order for medicine.   Nina says that the doctors office billed her insurance company and was paid, despite cannabis being federally illegal.  Does this mean that the doctor lied about the nature of the visit to her insurance company?  Who knows, we will continue to look into this story to get some answers. Unfortunately stories like this continue to pour in from around the state.  We reached out to Dr. Long’s office for comment and so far calls have not been returned.  

Despite the horror stories coming in about shady practices, the vast majority of physician patient relationships are outstanding and patients are happy overall with the care provided.  







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  1. Shirley

    Insurance does not pay for marijuana do they ?

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      No they do not. The only plausible explanation is the doctor is lying to the insurance company. We cannot confirm nor deny how or why insurance was charged. We are only reporting what the patient has reported to us. Thank you for your comment, and listening to our podcast.

  2. John Henson

    What a fraud and scam! This Doctor is breaking Federal law and likely committing insurance fraud too! What a shame.

  3. larry bomse

    Share : Share : Share #OneLove

  4. Karima

    My doc told me the state is trying to scare doctors saying they would get arrested for recommending MMJ, so perhaps included in the scam may also want to be removing himself from the registry. It’s a thought. Sometimes people don’t think out the process of what they are doing and ultimately harm others. We do live in a stupid society.

  5. Michele Rudd

    You all do not understand the procedure! She went to him for a medical condition and a consultation about her condition. That is a office visit which is covered under you insurance. Perhaps she had blood work or anything else prescribed I don’t know. He may have placed her in the MMJ registry. Then it’s up to the State to approve or disapprove. After your card you go back for a council and speak about different options. She need be educated in the process before she speaks.

  6. Kenneth Cates


  7. Michele Rudd

    Perhaps she should go to one of those fly by night MMJ Drs that put anyone in for a recommendation just to take your hundreds of dollars.

  8. Denise Fitzgerald

    Your right. Florida is a scam. Why do other states have a yr. why 7 mo for Florida. Florida is dragging their feet on this. I cant even begin to tell you the different stories I’ve been told by Drs offices. I don’t know who to trust.

  9. Mike smith

    Oh in Northwest Florida, the doc wants you to come in every 45 says and pay. 150.00 office visit that is not covered by my insurance.

  10. Amber

    I was told that Anxiety is a qualifying diagnosis to receive Medical marijuana but I do not see it listed under Florida’s list of diagnosis I find online. Does any one know if it qualifies?

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      anything can qualify if your doctor feels it is adversely affecting you in a similar manner to the listed conditions.

  11. Amber

    Ok thank you for the reply Dr. Roundtree. Perhaps I will try to see you about it.

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      I’m not a doctor, please see docmj or another physician. Thanks

  12. Lisa Dean

    I have my card for anxiety, glaucoma and PTSD. I mostly qualified because of my PTSD. I lost my daughter to opiates a year ago last Oct. So when I told the doctor that she took that into account. I will not take opiates unless I am in the hospital or in extreme pain and only for a short period of time.