The Marijuana Solution has a very special guest on this episode.  Robert Roundtree, host of The Marijuana Solution and Publisher of, speaks with Senator Jeff Brandes.  Senator Jeff Brandes has introduced a piece of legislation to address the implementation of Amendment 2.  SB614 introduced by the Senator from Tampa Bay District takes on the cannabis cartels with an open marketplace, and does away with current and proposed regulations that limit access to affordable medication.  One other area that we discuss is giving the power of making medical decisions to the medical marijuana doctors and not the Florida board of medicine.

Senator Jeff Brandes believes in a free and open marketplace with competition and a medical system that trusts doctors to make the decisions regarding cannabis recommendations.  Please read the proposed piece of legislation he introduced here.


Also contact your State Senator HERE, and State House Representative HERE.  Make sure your representatives know that the proposed rules by the department of health are not ok.  When you speak with your representative ask them to co-sponsor the bill and put their name on it.  71% of the state voted for an increased medical marijuana program in Florida.  It’s time for them to be reminded what we meant.



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