Marijuana Study Shows Marijuana Enhances Sense of Smell


Some of the stereotypes surrounding marijuana usage are true, and one of those is the phenomenon known as “the munchies”. After smoking or ingesting marijuana, many people feel as though they want to start eating. This is one of the reasons that many cancer patients and HIV patients use marijuana – they need to find ways to increase their appetite. If you have ever wondered just why marijuana causes the munchies, a new study actually provides an answer.


Of Mice and Men


According to Nature Neuroscience, a medical journal, the reason that people tend to want to eat after smoking is that it enhances their sense of smell. The researchers studied the ability of mice to detect odors and then consume food. They then gave some mice THC and watched their behavior. The mice that had the THC in them were sniffing more than the control group of mice, and they were more interested in a wider array of different types of foods. They also ate far more food than the other mice ate. It is relatively easy to see what conclusion they came to in the study.


Humans who have THC in their system after smoking marijuana behave in a similar fashion to those mice. The marijuana enhances their sense of smell, and as most know, the sense of smell is one of the biggest factors when it comes to tasting and stimulating the appetite. Someone might not be hungry at all until smelling frying bacon or a fresh batch of cookies. By enhancing the sense of smell, it makes the food seem to taste better, and it makes people want more of it. Thus, the munchies.


Why Stimulate Appetite?


For many people who take medical marijuana, the thought of eating is the last thing on their mind. They are suffering from debilitating illnesses and diseases that strip them of their appetite. They need to keep up their strength, but they just don’t feel like eating. By smoking marijuana, they can increase their appetite and eat the nutrients they need to fight their sickness. Some patients also feel nauseous when they eat. In addition to stimulating the appetite by enhancing smell, marijuana can stop those feelings of nausea.


What happens when you overeat though? Some fear that smoking marijuana for a medical reason might cause them to overeat and gain weight. While this could happen, the risks are quite low. Those who do start to gain weight can simply look for some healthier snacks when the munchies strike. If they are healthy enough, they should also have an exercise program. This should eliminate the fear of gaining too much weight.


The Right Choice for You


Medical marijuana patients in Orlando and other areas of Florida are finally able to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana, but it is important to talk with your doctor to make sure that marijuana is the right choice for your ailments. It can help with quite a few different health issues and pain, and it is a great way to stimulate your appetite.

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