Medical Marijuana Companies Moving to Florida

Florida is another in the long line of states moving into the modern age by legalizing the use of medical marijuana. While the state hasn’t gone as far as Colorado (recreational use remains a criminal activity), it’s a far cry from what it was before when any marijuana use was automatically a crime. The industry is still in its infancy, but it’s poised for massive growth. Estimates put the Florida medical marijuana industry somewhere between $365 million per year and $5.4 billion per year. That’s a lot of revenue, and companies around the world are looking to get in on the action. What firms might be moving to Florida’s sunny shores?

Cannabis Rx

One firm that’s almost certainly going to become a familiar name for residents of Miami and Orlando is Cannabis Rx, out of Canada. The firm has already invested over a million dollars in a facility not far from Sarasota, which is expected to become a grow farm and dispensary.

Tampa Medical Marijuana

It’s not all international companies coming to town, though. There are homegrown options as well. One of those is Medical Marijuana Tampa (actual business name Crowdsmart, Inc.). Founded in Tampa, this company is involved in several different areas. There’s a Tampa medical marijuana school in the works, as well as a growing facility and a dispensary. The company will also be operating dispensaries in Orlando as well, with plans to take operations out of state, too.

Other Medical Marijuana Companies Coming to Florida

The two companies listed above are certainly poised to make a big impact on the industry, but they’re far from the only medical marijuana companies that will be calling Florida home in the next few months. Currently, there are more than 60 companies that operate within the medical marijuana industry located in Florida, including:

  • Marijuana Farmacy LLC out of Apopka
  • Medical Marijuana of Central Florida, Inc. out of Orlando
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary of Florida, LLC out of Melbourne
  • Medical Marijuana Daytona Beach, LLC, out of Port Orange
  • Medical Marijuana Palm Beach out of Jupiter
  • Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers, LLC out of Boca Raton
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries of Florida, LLC out of St. Petersburg
  • Medical Marijuana Solution of Florida, LLC out of Davie
  • Medical Marijuana Shoppes out of Clearwater
  • Medical Marijuana Miami, LLC out of Miami Lakes
  • Marijuana Florida out of Vero Beach
  • Marijuana Miami, LLC also out of Vero Beach
  • Marijuana RX Inc. out of Margate

Opportunities Abound

The Florida medical marijuana industry is just starting, and that means there’s plenty of opportunity. Florida dispensaries, medical marijuana lawyers, growers and many others will find the state offers a welcoming environment. Even those involved with aquaponics will find there’s a demand for their services. This means that Florida residents will see a surge in not only the availability of quality medical marijuana, but also a significant boost to the economy and a surge in the number of jobs available throughout the state.


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