Medical Marijuana Provides Powerful Relief to Aches and Pains


Medical marijuana, now thankfully legal in Florida, can help patients in Tampa, Orlando, and throughout the state with a variety of medical issues. Marijuana is helping patients who have a variety of different issues, including cancer patients, fibromyalgia sufferers, anorexics, and more. Most people who are using it for medical reasons are doing so because they need some type of help with their chronic pain, particularly neuropathic pain.  Florida medical marijuana doctors can prescribe Charlotte’s Web low thc strain under the current law.  


Medical Marijuana For Neuropathic Pain


Neuropathic pain can be the result of an injury and from signals coming from nerves in the peripheral nervous system. These nerves are not directly part of the spinal cord and brain. Some of the conditions that can cause this type of nerve pain include cancer and shingles, pinched nerves, and some chronic back pain.


Many diabetics also feel this type of pain in their extremities, particularly in their feet. Those who suffer from these types of conditions are in near constant pain. It can also create burning sensations, numbness, and tingling. This can damage the quality of life a person has, which leads to emotional issues and depression. It can also lead to insomnia since it can be so difficult to get to sleep suffering from this type of pain.


This sort of pain is usually chronic. This means that the sufferers sometimes have to deal with it for days, months, and even years at a time. It is enough to drive anyone mad. Fortunately, many people are finding relief with medical marijuana. Cannabis has been in use for pain relief since its discovery, and it is only recently – the past hundred years or so – that there has been such a backlash against marijuana. Fortunately, the world is once again starting to come around and see just how beneficial the drug can be.


Medical Marijuana Better than Prescription Pills


What other types of treatment and drugs exist for helping to deal with neuropathic pain? While other drugs are available, they are generally prescription opioid medications. They tend to dull the senses and they can be quite addictive. There is a chance of having a physical addiction to pain pills, and it is unfortunately common to develop one. However, users of medical marijuana will not develop a physical addiction to the drug. Marijuana is a natural and safer alternative that can offer a host of medical benefits in addition to pain relief.


Many use it to help relieve nausea and as a means to increase their appetite. Cancer sufferers often have nausea and lack of appetite because of the treatments they go through. They often have a substantial amount of pain too, as mentioned. Instead of taking a host of different drugs to deal with each of these issues, they can use medical marijuana that can help with all of them.


Medical marijuana patients in Florida can rest easy knowing that medical marijuana is finally legal in their state. Those who want to use the drug as a means to help with their pain will need to go through their physician to see if they qualify and to get a prescription to take to a local dispensary.


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  1. HAVE. ALLEN Brown, jr

    I am being treated for chronic neurophy of arms neck spine,, legs and feet with oxycodone and opana10mg. I ask am being treated for spinal still oasis upper and lower with tumor in spine. I use to treat the pain with marijuana but it is not legal where I live, if I move there and have received odds sent how long would it be before I could receive Treatment? Is there a waiting period for new comers from Tennessee? Please let me know what u can because I need help my pain is too much to live with. I do get treated by a pain clinic here. I have no quality of life at present and I will leave my home and rent an apartment there.