Today the Florida Senate voted strongly in favor of the Charlotte’s web bill 30-9.  The bill is expected to be signed into law by Governor Rick Scott when it reaches his desk.  Although this is different from the amendment that will be getting voted on November 4th, 2014 by the Florida voters, it is a huge step in the right direction.  Originally there were those who opposed any form of medical marijuana in Florida but as more and more reports came out, specifically about Charlotte’s Web, labeling marijuana as the medical powerhouse it is, opposition literally went up in smoke.  The bill will provide safe access to a cannabis extract rich in CBD and very low in THC.

The low amount of THC is important because it allows really high dosages of CBD, the powerful cannabinoid oil to be ingested safely without the user experiencing any of the psychoactive properties.  This is extremely important when treating conditions such as seizures or cancer, which the bill has authorized the use for, in patients that are young or who may have adverse reactions to THC.  Charlotte’s Web rose to cultish popularity when word got out about a strain of marijuana in Colorado that was allow children who normally experienced hundreds of seizures a year live a normal healthy life without the use of synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Parents of children with seizures were actually moving to Colorado just so they could have access to marijuana and help their children have a normal lifestyle.  In some cases, the children suffering from seizures were on as many as 16 prescription medications that had little to no effect on the seizures.  Florida Marijuana is extremely happy that the politicians in our state finally made a common sense decision and put the best interests of thousands of people suffering from seizures and cancer above the political rhetoric we are so used to seeing.  The bill does not provide blanket medical marijuana legalization and it is actually going to be highly highly regulated.

According to the legislation the medicine is going to be very tightly regulated with only four dispensaries statewide providing the medication.  Now this seems a little absurd considering how large the state is.  Even if there was a dispensary in Miami, Pensacola, Jacksonville, and Orlando, most patients will have to travel very long distances to receive their medication.  This also completely prevents the patients from being able to cultivate their own medication.  This is the bad part of the legislation.  We are smelling a money making scheme in the works and it will be interesting to see what the sample tests show as far as the percentages of effective CBD in the oil, and what the cost of the medication will be.  Opponents to the legislation fear that the passage of this common sense medical reform will lead to widespread marijuana usage.

The argument posed by opponents of medical marijuana fail to realize that most people who will use marijuana as a medicine are already doing so but at the risk of incarceration.  There will not be a huge increase in the amount of marijuana users just because it is gradually being legalized.  We see this latest passage of the Charlotte’s Web bill as the first step in the continuing fight for freedom from persecution of taking control and responsibility of ones health.

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