Pete Crotty’s campaign spokesperson Brian Christopher Henley, who this article is about, began an assault on medical marijuana patients over the weekend that’s continued through today.  Medical marijuana is continually under assault and this time it’s happening in a race for Orange Country Commissioner. 

Pete Crotty is running for the District 3 County Commissioner’s Seat in Orange County.  The race has received a lot of attention since a light was shed comments made by Crotty’s primary backer on a recent episode of The Ted Show.  Never did we expect an official campaign spokesperson to launch an attack over something like this.  All we did was put their interview in front of an audience that this matters to.  Below are just some of the dozens and dozens of comments made.  We did not publish the worst because of the language that was used.

This message says it all.  Brian Christopher Henley and the Pete Crotty Campaign think you’re a dope for using cannabis.

There has also been uproar about the article that was published about this interview.  Mr. Crotty has been offered by this publication and its sister publication, The Marijuana Solution, a standing opportunity to speak on the record regarding these positions.  So far he has stalled, tried to get us to attend fundraising events, and even name dropped John Morgan in an attempt to get this content removed.  According to multiple sources he and his backers have conducted a ground game of harassing people to remove the posts from Facebook.  This has been done by instant messenger and calling and texting their personal cells.


Pete’s campaign spokesperson Brian Christopher Henley has been going on a social media tirade attacking everyone from the founder of We Are Rare, a non-profit for children with rare neurological disorders to one of the states top advocates who is a disabled Multiple Sclerosis patient.  Oh did we mention, he also attacked an Air Force veteran.  Mr. Henley has called this publication fakenews and even suggested that I’m a reptilian, I’m not.  

The description of events that were just described to you are the hallmark of a campaign against the ropes trying desperately to get on top of the bad press.  Bad press they are self generating by the minute.  This publication will be officially endorsing a candidate for District 3 in Orange County and it will not be Pete Crotty.  While Mr. Crotty seems like a great guy, it appears he cares more about taking money and employing attack dogs than listening to his constituency.  

This has all been done in an effort to protect his candidacy.  He has since appeared on publications that he has influence with in an effort to say he is for medical marijuana.  While we hope that this is true, we feel an official apology from the Pete Crotty campaign is in order.  Until an official apology is given, it will be considered the official campaign position that medical marijuana users are dopes and stupid.  These are just a couple of the other things he has said.




If you would like to comment on Pete Crotty’s Campaign Page to let them know your opinion about employing such people please do so by clicking this button.  Make sure to leave a respectful comment.

Update to the article. Since it’s publication less than 20 minutes ago, we received another screenshot.  It appears that the Crotty Campaign definitely supports medical marijuana.  In the NON-SMOKEABLE Form.  This goes in direct contrast to the will of the 71.3%.  These types of politicians and policies are precisely why Florida’s medical marijuana savior John Morgan has again taken the fight to the state, suing for smokeable cannabis.  

Pete Crottys Campaign Manager Thinks Your'e a Dope




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  2. tricia a dennis

    From private meetings to phone calls we asked Mr Crotty since April to make a statement. He only wanted to meet on his shows, in fundraising atmospheres and at night events.
    The answer is clear. He is just about damage control
    Go to the original video under Ted Bogert Pete Crotty and watch. Pay close attention to the 28:00 min mark where Pete agrees with nodding about drug testing minors.

  3. Kayleigh Leija

    Aw, this was an extremely nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to create a great article? but what can I say? I put things off a whole lot and don’t seem to get nearly anything done.