The big headlines around Florida the last two days has been the decision allowing smokable cannabis for Florida medical marijuana doctors to recommend, but not so fast. John Morgan’s recent victory in the Florida courtroom for medical marijuana patients in the Sunshine State has been put on hold.  Within 10 minutes Governor Rick Scott’s Department of Health filed an appeal against Judge Karen Gievers decision that banning smokable cannabis is unconstitutional.  Because an appeal was filed, an automatic stay has been issued that prevents the Judge’s order from becoming law until the appellate courts have a say in the matter.  

Rick Scott Receives Backlash From John Morgan

John Morgan was quick to fire back on Twitter with a viral meme heard round the peninsula.  He called the Governor of Florida out and told him to grow some brass ones! We posted the meme from Twitter on Facebook and it went viral.  

Florida Marijuana John Morgan Viral Meme

Unfortunately Rick Scott will not be growing brass ones anytime soon.  Despite an upcoming Senate race, the Governor seems to be hell bent on slowing down the Florida medical marijuana program as long as he is in Tallahassee.  There have been growing calls for people to just say no to Rick Scott’s bid for United States Senate.  Rick Scott and his Florida Department of Health have stalled, and delayed implementation of a Constitutional amendment that more than 71% of Floridians voted for.  Florida medical marijuana is off to a record breaking start, in spite of the delays, procrastination and lawsuits that have plauged the Florida medical marijuana program.  In the last month, the state has suffered two major setbacks to the unconstitutional way the law was implemented.  Joe Redner won a decision in his Florida home grow lawsuit, and Trulieve filed an amendment to sell cannabis clones and plants.  Unfortunately the state immediately filed a prepared appeal in both of these lawsuits triggering an automatic stay preventing the order from becoming law. 

The appeals that were filed in the John Morgan lawsuit were prepared well in advance and filed within 10 minutes of the Judges decision.  Just long enough that patients could have smoked one joint in celebration during that time.  During my most recent appearance on Ganja Beach Radio, someone asked if they were allowed to use smokable cannabis legally if they are a patient.  There is absolutely no way anyone in Florida can legally smoke medical cannabis right now.  For everyone reading this article, if you choose to consume smokable cannabis medicine, please be careful.  

Rick Scott Continues Incarceration of Medical Cannabis Patients in Florida

The decision to appeal Judge Gievers decision was made long before the final order was issued.   Appeals like this are part of the planned process of slowing down expansion of the Florida medical marijuana program and it means the continued incarceration of medical cannabis patients in Florida.  There have been growing reports of qualified medical cannabis patients in Florida being arrested for possessing whole flower cannabis in Florida.  Last year nearly 40,000 people were arrested in Florida for possession of cannabis charges.  When other states are beginning to expunge marijuana possession charges, Florida is still arresting them in growing numbers.  The continued incarceration of medical marijuana patients in Florida has a wide reaching impact on society in the Sunshine State. 

Communities in Florida have been devastated by the war on drugs.  The war on drugs is a false war, because it’s a war on society at large.  One community that has been positively impacted by medical marijuana in Florida is the veteran community. This same community is beginning to ask why their Governor cares more about taking pictures with a Navy hat on than actually offering a solution to help end the more than 22 suicide deaths each day from PTSD related issues.  Vets for Justice has been on top of Rick Scott’s widespread war on veterans for some time.  Veterans make up 1.5 million of Florida’s residents and many of them are suffering from PTSD.  Medical marijuana has been increasingly shown to help an increasing number of conditions, specifically PTSD.  It continues to be up to amazing organizations like Mission Zero to fight for veterans because our government has seemingly forgotten about our heros.  Veterans aren’t the only people that Rick Scott has a boot on the neck.

Rick Scott has been in the business of sick people for a long time, mainly in healthcare administration.  During his in healthcare he oversaw one of the largest medicare frauds in US history.  When people are sick Rick Scott makes money, and it’s no surprise medical marijuana scares him. Nothing has been helping humans lead healthier lives better than medical marijuana.  So far in Florida more than 100,000 patients have been registered into the state’s mmj program.  This means a decrease in revenue to anyone that profits off of sick people such as Rick Scott and his wife that is still in the healthcare industry.  Governor Scott’s policies have negatively affected everyone in the Sunshine State that depend on smokable cannabis like Cathy Jordan, the plaintiff in John Morgan’s lawsuit.  Florida MMJ card holders and those wanting to get qualified for Florida medical marijuana must wait to send up their victory smoke signals.  

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  1. Timothy Clarey

    seems Rick Scott like most politicians was blowing smoke when he was running time to vote him out on many grounds

  2. Tony Ellis

    Rick Scott is a idiot, will never get my vote. The people voted it in, what’s the point of people even voting, when it’s going to be overturned every time it wins. John Morgan, please run for office my friend.

  3. Debora Hutchinson

    The people voted for this!!! Who the hell is Rick Scott to go againt what the people voted for and line his pockets. His doings are what’s keeping medical marijuana so expensive in Fl that people here who need it can’t afford it.

  4. Richard J Wilkes

    I’m afraid November in Florida is gonna be a sick Feeling for the 71% who have no representation

  5. Roxanne Duncan

    I bet if he had a loved one in pain, it would have took him less than 10 min to get some for his loved one. SHAME SHAME ON HIM!Karma is a bitch. God bless you MR. Morgan

  6. Johnny Richards

    Vote November 6 against Scott and any other pro-prohibition candidate. It’s time to move on from the “law and order” frauds.

  7. William Pilling

    It’s time to send all of the politicians home who Are Not on broad with Florida MMJ program.
    Scott is a joke wearing that Navy hat all of the time and claiming he is for Veterans and still is trying stand in the way Vets and other peoplen getting off of Oxycodone and helping them..
    It’s Sad that the State can charge $75.00 per person that registered per year, when other States charge $25.00 for a life time.. Where the hell is all of that money going????. Over 100,000. Reistered people in the State…
    Also Since Scott doesn’t want career politicians maybe he should look in the mirror… what the hell is he running for another office then??..

  8. Retired Fire Fighter Paramedic

    Prick Scott thinks he’s gonna run for senate? He’s not about the people or for the people he’s about his own agenda! Whether it’s fraud or stopping what the voters want he does what he wants… one of his advisors should remind he’s an elected official and when you go against the majority then the majority goes against you! Good luck on running for senate jack bag…. you should take the money your gonna waste on running for senate and buy a marijuana farm it’ll make more money for you than Medicare fraud!!! DICK!

  9. Sharon M.

    Excellent article. It is time for Floridians to find out which elected officials are against medical marijuana and ban together and vote them out from the top to the bottom. It is time they feel what it is like to not be heard and have our 71.3% vote heard. We are the majority!

    I know Rick Scott is heavily into the medical healthcare system. I wonder why it is so important for him to slow the process. Is this smoke and mirrors because he interests other places he does not want us to see where he is really making money because his tenure will soon be over as governor? Just thinking about all of this. Thanks!

    Happy Memorial Day everyone.

  10. Sharon M.

    Let us, the 71.3, be diligent is finding out all politicians up for any kind of election or re-election who are against medical marijuana in any form and vote them out by selecting the politicians who are in favor of medical marijuana.

  11. Sharon M.

    Excellent article. If we, the majority voters don’t see the writing on the wall, may as well pack our bags and go spend our money where we can grow and use in all ways.

  12. Joe White


  13. Lou Wood

    He needs to be impeached , please start a petition mr. Morgan . Now

  14. Denise Bault

    It is absolutely SHAMEFUL that a drug that has been proven to help those of us in chronic pain – and was voted for by the vast majority of people in the state – is still not readily available. Rick Scott must have some hidden agenda. Always follow the money…because therein your answer lies! IF HE OR A LOVED ONE WERE IN PAIN, methinks things would be quite different. GO GET ‘EM MR. MORGAN!

  15. David G Krusko

    This is not your choice Rick. The people voted and made it clear what they wanted. We don’t need someone representing us that ignores are wishes and thinking only he knows what we want.

    As a Republican, I’ll have to look at another candidate.

  16. Jen

    Genesis 1:29-31 New International Version (NIV)
    29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

    31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.

  17. Paul Robinson

    Yes pick up your bibles and take heed to the word on top of what the people voted for. Crooked politicians think they can just do as they please them why can’t the people? Pot calling the kettle black. He definitely won’t be voted into any position where his voice will ever matter after all this not with over 71percent of voters voting on a subject. He should be tried as a criminal for going against the voters. All this does is prove to voters your votes mean absolutely nothing. Every voter and medical patient should be entitled to a lawsuit against such a process. You have conflicting interests bye bye. Like dirty judges and attorneys who abuse their power n positions to manipulate n hurt those under them. They all need to be removed. Get the petitions circulating send them all the way up the ladder and move to have people like this immediately removed. He clearly does not represent the majority at all therefore it should be immediate without hesitation or delay. This is so unconstitutional. Also it is about time to cut out the division of state laws. Again and again I say how dare this country claim the name ” United States of America” when it blatantly proves to be anything but. It is so divided it is pathetic. How do we expect the people to ever trust, how do we expect our children to think straight when it’s so twisted n backwards. What message are you sending!!! Maybe just maybe because ( God sees all things the tables are going to turn and when people like this man are in need or he or someone he loves or cares about is in need everything that can help will be drug out so they suffer as he has made how many to suffer?) how would you feel about a doctor dragging his feet when it comes to helping you? Last of all I think all evil people need to take a seat. The opportunist all removed same as price gougers. Most people needing this program are disabled and can’t afford much but everyone takes advantage of them no matter what licenses out the roof and yet rights still stepped on. Then cost of medicine. It’s time to legalize for all patients who qualify and for it to be covered in all ins. Medicare Medicaid V.A. All not some but all ins. And all fraud be the same as stealing money or defrauding food stamps ect. Where is the punishment for those who liolated the votes of this states rights!! Someone please, Mr.President please slam the gavel down on them too!! Now, this is a good starting point to truely making America great again. Get rid of the opportunist who prosper at the cost of others health and lives. Now now now in the mighty name of YESHUA HA’MESHIACH!!!

  18. Paul Robinson

    BTW BAN MARIJUANNA SMOKE AND DELAY PEOPLE GETTING MEDICAL ATTENTION WHILE YOU STILL ALLOW SALES OF ALCOHOL AND ” TOBACCO” can you say Geniuses? Real rocket science. We all know who to stop voting for… choose wisely next round.