What does a former professional wrestler and Governor, a former Judge and now legal analyst, a cannabis attorney, personal injury lawyer, the Executive Director of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition and a former comedian and now cannabis activist have in common? Roger Stone.

Last week, Roger Stone, veteran Republican presidential strategist, political operative and longtime ally of President Trump, announced the formation of the United States Cannabis Coalition.

In addition to encouraging President Trump to follow through on campaign promises regarding cannabis and state’s rights, Roger Stone said the coalition would also “urge the administration to change the current scheduling of cannabis and request funding which would allow for unbiased research.

“Trump could remove cannabis from Schedule I with the stroke of a pen.  It would be ‘good policy, and good politics.” Roger Stone

“In the event an intervention proves ineffective with the Trump administration, we will build a coalition of liberal democrats and libertarian minded republicans and travel the legislation path for legalizing cannabis.”

Leafly Interview: Dirty Trickster Roger Stone Talks Cannabis Legalization & Trump

Mr. Stone stated that during the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump made many remarks regarding honoring States Rights when it came to the individual States to decide on the issue of cannabis. Voters were relieved and excited. Perhaps President Trump could finally be the person with enough courage to do the right thing regarding medical cannabis and cannabis in general.  Then, statements from Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested something very different.

Jeff Sessions has been in opposition to relaxing cannabis restrictions. He has directed federal prosecutors to get significantly tougher on drug defendants. A task force launched by Mr. Sessions is looking at changes in enforcement, particularly regarding cannabis. “The Department of Justice must be able to use all laws available to combat the trans­national drug organizations and dangerous drug traffickers who threaten American lives.” Stated the Attorney General. “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

“The Trump administration should be mindful that the recreational marijuana measures that passed in several states all passed this same way, with overwhelming popular support,” he said. “This was clearly the Will of the People. It is not Jeff Sessions place to prosecute his version of morality and President Trump should not allow him to do so.”

During Mr. Stone’s Keynote Speech at the Cannabis Expo in New York on the 16th of June, he said the time has come to remind President Trump of his promises and to tell Attorney General Sessions to, “Cut the shit.”

“Jeff Sessions is ‘a Southern conservative hard-core right-wing drug warrior’ who has probably seen the movie Reefer Madness a hundred times.” Roger Stone, political operative

“He appears to be reflecting his own views rather than the views of the president,” Stone said.

Joining Mr. Stone on the United States Cannabis Coalition advisory board are:

Jesse Ventura-Former professional wrestler and former Governor of Minnesota. “Our government won’t do the right thing and legalize marijuana unless we the people demand it, because there are so many people within our government on the payroll, all thanks to the War on Drugs.”

“If you want to end the deaths, the cartels drug wars and massive killings, the only way to do it is through legalization. Fighting them with armies and causing violence leads to violence. That isn’t the way to solve it. All you’re doing is making criminals rich and powerful.”

Jesse “The Body” Ventura has been a longtime supporter of marijuana legalization, but it took a seizure and medical marijuana to turn him into an advocate. Ventura didn’t personally experience the seizures. It was someone close to him that suffered from seizures two to three times a week.

“Four different pharmaceuticals weren’t working. The seizures were continuing.” So, he drove his friend to Colorado. “We had no choice.” Feeling fortunate that he had the means to go and friends in the state, he obtained cannabis for his friend (illegally, since they weren’t residents) and it worked. “This person hasn’t had a seizure since,” said Ventura.

The experience was powerful and moving. It caused Ventura to dig deeper into the properties of medical marijuana and motivated him to write a new book, The Marijuana Manifesto. He spent months on research and is now speaking more forcefully for legalization.

“This isn’t a cannabis issue. It’s an issue of us taking back our government because 61% of people want full legalization. Yet our elected officials are telling us no,” said Ventura. “This is our opportunity to tell them they work for us.”

Andrew Napolitano-Fox news analyst and former judge. Joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in January 1998 and currently serves as the senior judicial analyst. He provides legal analysis on both FNC and Fox Business Network (FBN).

Judge Napolitano is the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of the State of New Jersey. While on the bench from 1987 to 1995, Judge Napolitano tried more than 150 jury trials and sat in all parts of the Superior Court — criminal, civil, equity and family. He has handled thousands of sentencings, motions, hearings and divorces.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

Far-right blogs have been speculating that Trump might pick Napolitano to fill Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s spot should he decide to step down this year. Roger Stone called Napolitano “a superb choice” for the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Judge Napolitano has long been one of the mainstream media’s most vocal and consistent critics against the ‘war on drugs.’ In recent broadcasts, he has profiled how U.S. marijuana prohibition is fueling violence and murder in Mexico, and has called for the arrest and prosecution of several police officers involved in a violent SWAT raid in Columbia, Missouri.

Napolitano questions whether the war on marijuana consumers is less about pot, and more about expanding budgets, job opportunities for law enforcement and meeting quotas for private prison contracts.

Judge Napolitano on Marijuana Legalization and Libertarianism: ‘These Are Times That Call for More Freedom, Rather Than Less

When asked whether embracing more Libertarian views on marijuana will help the Republican Party in future elections, the judge said it might, explaining that they would also need to expand their base among minority voters and young voters.

“I actually think these are times that call for more freedom, rather than less,” Napolitano later commented, “and that this ‘live and let live’ would be more popular today than it was in Reagan’s era.”

Tyler Patrick Nixon– (great nephew of Richard Nixon ) Cannabis attorney in Denver,Co.  California Bar Journal Discipline Summaries

Tyler Patrick Nixon, 40, of Wilmington, Delaware. Nixon was convicted in Delaware in 2011 of possession of marijuana.

Advocate. Activist. Archivist. Technologist. Army Infantry Vet. Classic car tech. Attorney-at-Law. Co-host @StoneColdTruth. Extremist in the Defense of Liberty.

Roger Stone’s co-host Tyler Nixon 

Roger Stone & Tyler Nixon | The Stone Cold Truth Broadcast 5/13/17

John Morgan-Personal injury lawyer. Spearheaded medicinal cannabis legalization in Florida. Profile: John Morgan Unplugged

John Morgan’s next target: Swaying the Trump administration on pot

“Roger Stone speaks to President Trump on a regular basis,” Morgan tells the Times/Herald. “I am asking him to urge the president to remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. The president would gain the respect of many on this issue.”

Orlando lawyer John Morgan rubs elbows with Trump strategist

#John Morgan is a lawyer everyone knows well in Tampa Bay. From his ads for his personal injury attorney’s office to working with People’s Choice and advocating consumer safety, Morgan is on the up and up. But he has some bigger ideas with some big men in the Trump White House.

Randy Credico-Randolph A. “Randy” Credico (born July 5, 1954 in Pomona, California) is an American perennial political candidate, comedian, activist and the former Director of the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice.

Credico was once active on the comedy circuit, and at the age of 27 he made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. During the appearance, he criticized U.S. foreign policy and compared Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick to Eva Braun; Credico was not invited back to the show, and some believe this is due to the Kirkpatrick impersonation. He was featured on the 1988 comedy album, “Strange Bedfellows: Comedy and Politics” along with Jimmy TingleBarry Crimmins, and Will Durst.

Credico spent four years in Tulia, Texas, bringing national attention to a racially-charged mass drug arrest. The Kunstler Fund produced an award-winning documentary on the subject entitled Tulia, Texas: Scenes from the drug war, written, directed and edited by Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler.

Randy Credico in center

On May 4, 2016, Credico’s mentor, Roger Stone, announced that Credico had formed the group “Sanders’ Supporters for Trump.” While nothing seemed to have come of that effort, Credico’s most notable appearance in the 2016 election cycle was headlining a Republican fund-raiser in Cayuga County, New York.

The Credico Connection

The Man Who Screamed So Loud the Drug Laws Changed

Before the term “mass incarceration” started appearing on the front pages of newspapers, before Obama became the first sitting President to visit a federal prison, before Democrats and Republicans began working together on criminal-justice reform, Randy Credico was screaming about the injustices of America’s incarceration policies.

Once his fight was over, Credico lost his focus. He turned himself into a perpetual political candidate—running for the U.S. Senate, New York City Mayor, and New York State Governor—which brought him some attention from reporters but not enough votes to pose a threat to more mainstream candidates.

Now sixty-one years old, Credico has been watching the same issues that he was shouting about in the late 1990s and early 2000s command national attention. He decided to find a way back into this fight, and came up with a new cause. Credico is trying to persuade the public officials overseeing New York City and New York State’s pension funds to do the same.

He zeroed in on two companies, the geo Group and the Corrections Corporation of America (C.C.A.). (They operate county jails, state prisons, and immigration detention facilities.) New York State’s retirement fund and New York City’s pensions funds own millions of dollars of shares in both companies. Soon Credico was talking about these investments constantly. “There’s nothing worse than the exploitation of human beings for private profit,” he says. “You can’t invest in something that feeds into human misery.”

Theory that Randy Credico – was the back channel mentioned by Trump political operative Roger Stone, the “mutual friend” of both Stone and Julian Assange. Speculation suggests Credico served as a messenger between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks.

Jeff Doctor (Seneca) is the Executive Director of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition, an organization whose mission is to educate and advocate for the rights of Indian Country as it relates to cannabis. Mr. Doctor brings two decades of business and political affairs experience. Driven to assist tribes throughout the U.S., Doctor works in Washington, D.C. where he developed an interest in the impact of politics in business and the direct relation to Native people. Determined to be a voice for his community, Jeff Doctor ran for U.S. Congress in 2010 as the Democratic candidate in North Carolina’s 9th district. Born to the Tonawanda Band of Seneca’s near Buffalo, NY, Mr. Doctor attended the State University.

“Our purpose is to help Tribes navigate the complexities that exist when considering the cannabis industry as an economic development opportunity. We emphasize best practices, proven business models and legislative support, with our goal being to position Indian Country to optimize successful agricultural operations.”

Mr. Stone engaged in Q & A following his speech. He told the group his immediate plan is to educate the President and key people in the Trump administration. “It’s important they understand the benefits of de-scheduling and honoring state’s rights. It’s good public policy and good politics.”

Roger Stone said he spent a lot of time with President Richard Nixon in his final stages of life. Stone considered Nixon his Mentor. A portrait tattoo of Richard Nixon can be found on Stone’s upper back. “He told me the War on Drugs was a mistake.”

The political influence from big pharma has been the largest opponent of cannabis legalization according to Stone.

Stone supports pardons, parole and probation over incarceration for small cannabis offenses. If the scheduling is changed, Stone indicated support for removing small time cannabis offenders from prison.

Mr. Stone drew a large applause for his speech. He said he was optimistic because the facts are on our side. “In the states that have established a legal history of medical cannabis, opioid use is down and crime is down.”

“I have seen polls that indicate a third of the citizens who voted for Mr. Trump, would not re-elect him if cracks down on cannabis. Honoring state’s rights is a key point in making America great again.”

That is the infrastructure of Mr. Stone’s team at the United States Cannabis Coalition. This marks the first time in history a powerful group, or any group for that matter, has organized an effort to directly appeal to the President. With the longtime relationship Roger Stone has with President Trump, the cannabis community throughout the nation should be thrilled. Roger Stone knows how to get this done.



Weston of Mass Destruction • 4 days ago

This is going to drive the folks crazy that are pro-pot and anti-Trump. I’m sure that there will be many that have so much hatred for Trump that will be against him taking it off of the Federal Schedule I list. I am simply amazed by individuals that are against Mr. Stone fighting for this cause. You don’t like him? So! How about at least trying to find common ground with someone? Why not accept the fact that you can agree on some topics with people you dislike?

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I certainly don’t hate the guy and he’s still my president. I laugh at the folks that say, “Not my president.” Actually, he is. That’s the way this country works. Just because you say it 100 times, that doesn’t make it true. These are the folks that believe if they tell a lie enough that it will become fact.
There are policies [of Trump] that I agree with and some that I don’t. Again, that’s the way this country works.

I say to you folks that are against Mr. Stone being in this fight, please, accept that there is common ground with someone that you don’t like. It’s ok to have that. You may dislike him, but he’s not your enemy — you just don’t like him, and that’s ok too. It feels a lot better to not be so angry all the time. Mr. Stone and President Trump are still human beings. Don’t hate every policy just because of who they are, but look at the merit of each topic.


HappySmoke Hancho  Highway 69 • 6 days ago

I voted Trump but am beginning to regret it. As far as I see it he’s no leader at all until he does just that, take Cannabis off schedule COMPLETELY! After that he needs to fire that stinky skunk Sessions!! He does that and I might begin to develop some respect for him.


Steven • 5 days ago

Roger Stone is awesome. He is no “dirty trickster.” That is your leftist bias showing itself. Stone is open-minded, and a strict pursuer of truth.


Robert Wayne • 2 days ago

If Trump wants or cares about another term, he should keep his campaign promise to see medical marijuana legalized.


farmerlion • 3 days ago

Jeff Sessions is a major problem. Trump will be the first single term president since George Bush. Donald Trump needs to be a leader and stop acting like a hall monitor with pride issues. The Country needs many more small business owners not a few huge grow operations. Mom and pop grow operations have always provided the best cannabis and always will. Free the home growers and watch the quality explode along with our economy


Fester • 4 days ago

Even a giant a$$hole like Stone is right sometimes, just like Rohrabacher who’s wrong on almost everything but cannabis. In this war, sometimes you have to dance with the devil.







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