For centuries, humans have relied on the cannabis plant for its therapeutic properties. More than ever, cannabis can aid in the treatment of chronic disease and as a supplement to their healthcare regime.

As the use of medical marijuana increases in Florida, patients are learning that the Cannabis plant is a complex and ancient natural remedy. Often, patients are prescribed opioids and other pharmaceutical medications. Cannabis can alleviate the side-effects from those medications. From PTSD to cancer to insomnia, medical marijuana is an effective method of improving one’s mental and physical health and improving health-related symptoms. There is archeological evidence that proves that humans have used cannabis for at least 10,000 years; recorded history, for at least 5,000 years.

The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors all over the body. This system enables a connection between body and mind, signaling to all other systems when something feels good or bad.

Terpenes appear in abundance within nature, and it’s estimated that over 20,000 terpenes exist within our ecosystems. Every single plant, herb, flower, vegetable and fruit possess terpenes; and each terpene serves a very specific purpose. Terpenes contribute to the characteristic odor and flavor of any plant.

Hundreds of different terpenes have been discovered within the Cannabis plant, and they are generally classified as primary and secondary terpenes, based on how frequent they occur in cannabis. The odor represents a distinction between cannabis varieties which indicates that different plants can offer different benefits.

The terpenes, or terpenoids, form the largest group of phytochemicals, and account for some medicinal properties of cannabis, as well as many medicinal herbs, plants and essential oils. They are the source of flavors, aromas, and other characteristics that help differentiate cannabis strains. Furthermore, it is thought that the terpenes within plants aid in pest-control and as an antifungal agent.

Cannabis and its Terpenes synchronize their chemical effects by working concurrently. There are over 100 confirmed Terpenes within the plant world, and each plant variety produces a unique effect. Because of Terpenes, each cannabis strain possesses a distinct taste and scent.

Terpenes are aromatic molecules which are produced within the glands of cannabis flowers and buds. Some scents are considered sweet and fruity while other Terpenes are woodsy, pungent, earthy or skunky. While Terpenes give each cannabis strain a unique scent and flavor, these chemical compounds also contribute to the therapeutic effects that patient’s feel.

Linalool is one of the thousands of Terpenes that can be found in flowers and spices including citrus, lavender, rosewood, birch trees and coriander. This Terpene presents anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity, acts as an anti-nociception and anticonvulsant agent.

Linalool also offers anti-anxiety/stress, sedation, and sleep-enhancement attributes. Much like the essential oils found in the herb plant Lavender, Linalool is known for curbing a patient’s anxiety. The aroma and flavor of Linalool dominate cannabis offers a calming effect for patients. Additionally, it has local anesthetic effects which mimicked the effects of the numbing agent procaine.

In one study, patients who were prescribed Morphine after gastric banding surgery dramatically reduced the quantity of the opioid after inhaling lavender, a linalool terpene.

Some of the cannabis strains in which hints of Linalool are noted:

Medical marijuana can contribute to a patient’s overall health. Cannabis offers significant therapeutic benefits for a wide range of medical conditions. Patients may need to experiment with a variety of methods available for medical marijuana consumption. Each patient should consult their medical marijuana physician for a recommendation on the method and strain to meet each patient’s unique needs.








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