Another great medical marijuana edible recipe from Jaime Cruz. Click the following link to watch more great Cruz Cannabis Cooking videos.

Long Version Available Here:


  • THC Infused Gummy Bears Yield: 150+/- 1ml gummy bears
  • 3oz flavored gelatin box (not sugar free),
  • 2 packets unflavored gelatin @ 0.25oz ea
  • 2/3rd cup of cold water
  • 1/4tsp lecithin Products Used 
  • 1 Curaleaf concentrates 375mg
  • 1 Trulieve TruClear 850mg


  1. Combine the powders, add water, stir.
  2. Let sit 15 min allowing gelatin to bloom .
  3. Heat on low heat for five minutes, stir, heat five minutes, stir (repeat until it looks fairly clear).
  4. Add THC product, stir in for a minute.
  5. Transfer to molds. I got 5ml mini baster looking things with my molds. Worked great.
  6. Place in freezer for 5 minutes Allow to come back to room temp.
  7. Dust the back with cornstarch.
  8. Pop out of molds (you can dip your fingers in cornstarch to avoid tackiness).
  9. I allow mine to sit out overnight to allow dehydration of additional water. Dust them with cornstarch. Store in fridge.


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