Top Ten Medical Benefits of Florida Medical Marijuana

This list is not ranking them one to ten, but rather putting the top ten together.

With the recent passing of the Charlotte’s Web Florida medical marijuana bill, as well as in other states around the country, peoples’ minds are on the actual medical benefits it can provide. People in St. Petersburg, Miami, and throughout Florida are truly interested in the facts behind marijuana rather than the negative propaganda that has sprung up around it in the past decades. Fortunately, a number of studies are showing that there really are quite a number of legitimate health benefits to using marijuana. Here are the top ten benefits.  Although the cannabis plant is quickly gaining support across the country as a form of medicine, it is still the only type of medicine that has its own regulations and distribution system overseen by the government.  Gradually as the regulations get relaxed and more research is done we can only expect to find out more and more things that the plant is able to treat and in some cases heal.


Benefit #1 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Safer than Prescription Drugs


Each year, nearly 100,000 people around the world die because of prescription drugs. These drugs, many of which come to the market without proper testing, can be very dangerous, and even deadly. In addition, prescription drugs, especially those for pain, have the potential to be highly addictive. The use of marijuana is natural and safe, and doesn’t cause people to form an addiction.


Benefit #2 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Help with Alzheimer’s Disease


A study in 2006 conducted at Scripps Research Institute in CA found that THC can prevent the formation of enzymes that accelerate plaques in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease.


Benefit #3 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Epilepsy


Medical marijuana can also help with epilepsy according to a study from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CCN found a patient while filming the documentary Weed that was having hundreds of seizures a week. Medical marijuana reduces the seizures to just a couple each month.


Benefit #4 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Glaucoma


People have actually been using marijuana for decades as a treatment for glaucoma, which can cause blindness. The marijuana helps to reduce the intraocular pressure in the eyes and reduce nerve damage.


Benefit #5 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Cancer and Chemotherapy


A study in 2012 showed that marijuana compounds could actually stop growth in certain types of cancers, and another study showed that it could actually kill cancer cells. This news, while still in the infancy stages, is quite exciting for anyone who knows a cancer patient.  The National Cancer Institute also reaffirms the anti-cancer properties of marijuana on its website as does the Cancer association of America.


Benefit #6 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Pain Reliever


Relieving pain is one of the biggest reasons that people are using medical marijuana today. It can relieve all types of pain, and it provides anti-inflammatory relief for a number of conditions, including migraines and arthritis.


Benefit #7 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Fight Depression


A study from 2005 showed that marijuana users tend to have lower symptoms of depression when compared with nonusers.


Benefit #8 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Fight Anxiety


Just as marijuana can help with depression, many people find that using the drug in small doses is able to help with their anxiety. It is a healthier and natural alternative to anti-anxiety prescription medications.


Benefit #9 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Diabetes


Diabetes does not have a cure, but a study found that users tend to have a better carbohydrate metabolism than nonusers have, and this can help to lower insulin levels in diabetics.


Benefit #10 of Florida Medical Marijuana: Anorexia


Many anorexics no longer have an appetite, and eating is difficult. Marijuana usage can help to improve their appetite levels.


These are just some of the biggest medical and health benefits that marijuana can offer. As more studies are coming out, we are learning new and impressive facts about how beneficial marijuana really can be.  As newer generations replace aging ones it will be near impossible for the government to make and sustain such ridiculous claims like marijuana will make people go crazy or think they can fly.  At this point the cat is out of the bag and almost no one thinks marijuana is as dangerous as it has been portrayed in the media.



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