In the exhibits filed by Joe Redners attorneys in the lawsuit filed to recognize his right to cultivate cannabis at home, there is a little memo that stands out.  In an email exchange between Mr. Redner and Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve, we see that Trulieve has already filed an amendment with the department of health seeking permission to sell live plants.

The stark contrast between companies in Florida is growing more apparent by the day.  Within a span of a week we saw Surterra Wellness CEO, Jake Bergman declare that Surterra won’t sell un consistent products like flower, thereby restricting patient access.  In that same timeframe we have seen Trulieve release many more products, including whole flower, and Trulieve filed an amendment to provide a way for people to grow their own cannabis

trulieve files amendment to sell live plants, clones and seeds

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    1. Joannie Parks

      TY Kim and Trulieve teamers !!!! I filed for my card 1/2016 and have been a steady and loyal client of their dispensaries. TY for again leading the way and showing your true compassion and care.

  2. Carla K

    It’s a real simple concept, steady for the people and the people will stay with you! Thank you for staying progressive Kim and #teamtrulieve

  3. Diane Gracely

    This is why I strongly support Trulieve and have since day one. Kim Rivers has been fighting for what patients need. She’s an amazing woman and I love speaking to and working with Kim. Thank you for all you do for patients Kim.

  4. Dan Sipes

    Surterra won’t sell flower. That’s OK, I’m like all Zen, Serene, Calm and relaxed and chillin knowing Trulieve will fight for the rights of patients over company profits. BTW….That was me making fun of Surterras ridiculous naming conventions for their lame ass products (hopefully, Surterra will change directions). Things are only going to get better for MMJ patients in the state of Florida. However, for speeds sake we gotta first get rid of Gov Rick Scott, then Christian Bax and any other family friends hired by Rick, nepotism KING, Scott. I honestly don’t know when it became OK to hand select an unqualified person like Christian Bax for such an important job as head of the OMMU.

  5. Theresa

    Thank you Trulieve! I am becoming a Truliever!! The company that steps up for the patients will be where I spend my money. Love your people too ~ they are always awesome.

  6. Robert Krannig

    I knew I could count on you Kim, keep it going they will relent. By the end of this year I believe we can create FL purp.

  7. Michele

    Trulieve is the best!! Thank You for pushing for what’s right. I have always went to Trulieve & won’t go anywhere else. Y’all are always looking to improve patient care. 👍🏼👍🏼🤗🤗

  8. Meagan

    Thank you trulieve! This is why i only shop with you!

  9. Will

    I guess that’s why the GOV hasn’t responded to my daily emails. God bless Trulieve and Kim Rivers!