Trulieve Gorilla Grapes, while difficult to come by, is gaining more momentum as a medicinal-grade cannabis strain. When this strain is available at Trulieve, it does not stay in stock.

This highly sought after medicine is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Vino OG.

Patients report that this is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a heavier feeling. A typical result is more of a body high, but the mind is calmer once this strain is ingested.

This is excellent for treating pain and mood disorders, but it also offers an energizing effect that helps patients get through the day.

This is not an ideal strain for new medical cannabis patients, but rather a strain that is best to ease into. Gorilla Grapes does provide stress-relief and helps to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain and the side-effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

Gorilla Grapes has a thick, pungent and strong aroma.

If you like Trulieve Gorilla Grapes, try Trulieve Hybrid Girl Scout Cookies.

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