9 Pound Hammer is an Indica strain which is typically preferred for nighttime use or for chronic pain. Daytime use may require a nap or some down time.

Many patients prefer this strain in the evening when they’re able to simply relax.

It generally induces calm and a happy feeling. The heavy body high is a result of its genetic lineage: Jack The Ripper, Hell’s OG and Gooberry.

Those with skeletal/nerve/muscular pain and/or anxiety may benefit from 9 Pound Hammer.

9 Pound Hammer, like most Indicas, encourages appetite which can be of great benefit to cancer patients and those suffering from severe nausea. Also, many pharmaceuticals induce nausea, so patients tend to find relief when incorporating this strain into their regime.


Citrus/Lime, Sweet, Earthy, Grape


Pungent, Earthy, Sweet

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