Ellie K provides another exclusive, comprehensive review of the Truclear in Super Lemon Haze.  

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  1. Tom P

    Not to be mean or malicious in any way, but I really think that this woman is terrible at these reviews & video’s.
    I hope that you replace her with someone a little more intelligent & knowledgeable & experienced with these products, and a better speaker & personality in general. I can’t even come close to taking anything she says seriously by just watching her & listening to her . Which makes me not interested in the product she is ” trying ” to ” review “. It just looks like she is reading score cards or a bill board & not doing a good job at it & doesn’t seem at all familiar with the produce ( from a user’s POV ).

    1. Robert Roundtree Listing Owner

      Way to shame our content creator for the very issue that she uses cannabis for. The issues you described are because of the condition she is treating. Maybe instead of being such a hater you could look in the mirror and ask yourself why you’re shaming patients that have the courage to do what you won’t?