Trulieve TruCRMBL is full spectrum cannabis oil preserving the plants cannabinoids and terpenes making it a part of our entourage line providing patients with whole plant benefits. TruCRMBL is packaged in 1 gram amounts.

Trulieve recommends medical cannabis patients use TruCRMBL with the Trulieve Concentrate Pen. Speak to a Trulieve team member and ask for a consultation if you have any questions about how to properly use Trulieve medical cannabis products.

TruCRMBL allows patients to have the full spectrum effects of medical cannabis.  TruCRMBL is made using Trulieve’s ethanol extraction process.

If you are interested in TruCRMBL, try the following strains:

Trulieve Sativa White Buffalo

Trulieve Sativa Sour Diesel

Trulieve Sativa Super Silver Haze

Trulieve Indica LA Confidential

When consuming medical cannabis, consider that each patient’s recommended dose will vary. If you are a new medical cannabis patient, ease into this product as results will vary for each patient and from product to product. Enjoy the effects!

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