I recently made a trip to the Trulieve store in Gainesville and picked up a Sunshine Cannabis Sunshine Gold TruStik and TruPod in the Do Si Do strain profile.  I have been anticipating this device since it first came out, and for good reason.  The Trustik device is very user friendly and its basic design makes it easy for patient’s to assemble, dose, and optimize. The Trustik is composed of two parts, the TruPOD cartridge and the battery. The TruPOD cartridge connects to the battery through magnetic retention which allows for easy assembly and does not require patient to have to twist or screw on cartridge. For patients who struggle with nurophothy, tremors, vision, or carpel tunnel, this simple improvision makes a world of a difference. I also found it appealing that once the cartridge is attached to the battery, the cartridge is almost completely incased with a layer of protection which serves to eliminate potential damage that could come from dropping the device. With the cartridge enclosed, it limits visibility of the medicine providing patients with a discrete mode of consumption.

Its light weight and rectangular shape make it easy to distinguish from other objects, such as pens or lip glosses, while its simplicity makes it easy to conceal and carry. Powering on the device came with ease by simply pressing the button five times and waiting for the light to flash twice to signal it was on. While holding the button down, the glow from the light signals patient’s that the medicine is being activated which is the patients quo to inhale. My favorite part about this device was, unlike other devices, is this device allows you to take as long of a pull as you desire without deactivating or flashing off. This gives patients more control over the amount of medicine consumed.  Patients can easily control dosing with each inhalation and gives doctors a greater range of dosing options based on the severity of the patient’s condition.

The actual inhalation of the product came effortlessly and wasn’t overbearing like other vaporizers on the market that leave you coughing or gasping for air. The pull was smooth and delivered immediate relief. The potency and purity of the TruPODs is what really grabbed my attention. The TruPOD is a pure cannabis oil extract that has no added cutting ingredients. The effects of the TruPODS are certainly stronger, faster, and target more intense symptoms than products that are not as concentrated and diluted.


Do Si Do Strain Review

I had the luxury of trying the Do-Si-Dos 800mg TruPOD.  The Do-Si-Dos is an Indica-dominant hybrid which means this products is best utilized for its calming and relaxation properties. The genetics on this strain come from two amazing strains, Girl Scout Cookies, and Face Off OG.  This strain helps with anxiety and at larger dosages can be used to treat insomnia. Its sedative effects should be taken into consideration when functioning.


trulieve trupod do si do indica strain

If you enjoy the Do-Si-Do, you’re going to love the Sunshine Cannabis Sunshine Kush, an Indica Dominant Hybrid.

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  1. Jon Speak

    I will be trying TruPods soon. I have been Trulieve patient since day one. I finally tried Surterra recently. Their Vape Products have proven to be disappointing. The marketing leads you to think they have Cannabinoids and terpenes figured out. THEY DON’T! I never received the level of relief I received from Trulieve Products. Is there somewhere I can post a review and get word out to patients? I know from experience, Trulieve Products are superior.

  2. Lou wood

    Thanks I love truelive products and was skeptical about surterra products only because you can not see how much content you have left. Not a fan of that !!!

  3. Cervantes

    Trulieve is #1.
    Product integrity, prices and ease of access on both website and phone app. clicking on the strain will lead you directly to Leafly for a great description. Both have free phone apps.
    As to the TruPod is great, hits well, charges fast.

    My only pet peeve is that lack of a stainless steel cover to change the red, yellow or green the meds come with.

    As to the strain, Do-Si-Dos is pleasant mellow mild euforic, mood enhancer, works well on chronic mild to moderate pain.

  4. Trulieve TruSTIK Vaporizer

    […] The TruPOD is a pure cannabis oil extract that has no added cutting ingredients. The effects of the TruPODS are certainly stronger, faster and target more intense symptoms than products that are not as concentrated. […]