Donald trump apparently wants to execute people arrested for dealing drugs. According to this article below originally published on CNBC…..

President Donald Trump considers drug traffickers to be as bad as serial killers and would “love to have a law” that executes dealers in the U.S., unnamed sources told Axios.

While he admits that such a law would be impossible to pass, the head of state may support legislation that requires a five-year minimum sentence for dealers selling as little as two grams of fentanyl, Axios stated.

Use of the synthetic opiod, more potent than heroin, has been steadily climbing in North America, producing an increasing number of fatal overdoses.

The government must make drug dealers fear for their lives, Trump has told associates, pointing to Singapore and the Philippines — where offenders can face death — as examples.

Trump’s comments mirror those of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The controversial leader gave police the authority to execute drug peddlers — Duterte has even admitted to personally killing criminal suspects — but the matter has morphed into a human rights situation amid widespread reports of extrajudicial killings.

Trump “often jokes about killing drug dealers,” a senior administrative official told Axios. “He’ll say, ‘You know the Chinese and Filipinos don’t have a drug problem. They just kill them,'” the official said.

According to Axios, Trump’s team is reportedly discussing the prospect of adopting elements of Singapore’s zero tolerance policy, such as more anti-drug education in schools.

A spokesperson for the White House wasn’t immediately available for comment when contacted by CNBC.

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  2. Loretta Ward

    Start with the BIG PHARMA
    and the people who line their pockets or who benifits from all the profits… they are the
    King of the dealers 😡

  3. Lisa Dean

    He so wants to be just like his heroes Duterte, Putin, and Xi Jinping. He wants to be either an authoritarian or a dictator. Our country is in crisis and we need to come as one nation to survive this person and the house and senate from the far right. We have to change the house and senate and make it swing to the left. Really kill people for drugs. Does that include marijuana?