Today, women are in leadership positions at every level of the cannabis industry, from CEOs of blossoming companies to cultivators taking cannabis from plant to product. Women grow cannabis, make medicines, own their own farms and operate their own dispensaries. Some women are also producing and directing documentaries in order to fight the stigma of cannabis and its consumers, while others are in politics pushing for a form of legalization that will allow minorities still dealing with the toxic legacy of prohibition — past and present — to share in the economic success of the future.

This series of images hones in on female leaders using their influence to promote the cannabis industry as a fair, sustainable and professional space. Most of the women featured in this series are based in California, thanks to the state’s pioneering role in the medicinal cannabis field, which has offered massive opportunities for women and served as an inspiration for many other states.

These women are acutely aware of their groundbreaking position as a minority group that is creating history. According to Marijuana Business Daily, women fill 36 percent of leadership positions within the cannabis industry — more than they do in any other industry, with the national average being 22 percent. Filmmaker Windy Borman was so inspired by this revolutionary fact that she started making a documentary about it: “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed.”

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